Prince Andrew furious as £3 million-a-year taxpayer-funded armed police security to be axed

Prince Andrew has reportedly been told his taxpayer-funded police guard will be removed within weeks after he was stripped of his official duties in January.

Prince Andrew is said to be furious with ministers after being told his tax-funded security guard will be removed within weeks. The scandal-hit royal was stripped of his official duties in January following his public court case. But Prince Andrew, King Charles’s brother, is said to still want taxpayers to fork out around £3million a year for his armed police protection. According to The Sun, he is set to formally complain about the decision.

The Duke of York is currently escorted by police guards whenever he leaves the grounds of Windsor.

But with the cost racking up nearly £ 3 million of taxpayers’ money, questions have been raised as to whether this should still be state funded.

Brits across the country are currently facing a cost of living crisis which has seen food prices and energy bills spike in recent months.

Prince Andrew could lose his security as early as next month and will be forced to fund security himself.

This latest decision could suggest the Duke has no hope of returning as a working member of the royal family any time soon.

A source said: “He is going to write to the Home Office and the Met Police to complain about losing his taxpayer-funded security.”

Andrew’s demand for continued taxpayer funding is likely to spark a backlash from the public as they struggle with rocketing bills.

One senior Labour MP said: “He doesn’t seem to understand that he’s in disgrace and people don’t want to hear from him anymore — especially him with his begging bowl.

“I know he has a title, but that doesn’t mean he is entitled to taxpayer-funded protection.

“I know families who don’t know if they will be able to afford their kids’ Christmas presents this year.”

The Duke was forced to step down from official royal duties in late 2019 after a BBC interview.

Outraged viewers accused him of failing to show any sympathy for victims of paedophile Epstein — who killed himself in prison in 2019 after being convicted of sex offences.

Andrew also paid a reported £7 million out-of-court settlement with s.e.x accuser Virginia Roberts after she agreed to drop the case against him.

He vehemently denies any wrongdoing and the settlement indicates no liability on the part of the Duke of York.


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