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South Africa receives global award for efforts in combating malaria

The World Health Organization (WHO) has given a global award to South Africa for working to eliminate malaria in the country.

This was at the fourth annual global forum of malaria-eliminating countries, held in Cape Town from Tuesday to Thursday.

South Africa was amongst other countries to receive “the effort against malaria award,” at the forum.

This is the first time the WHO has given awards outside of those countries that have achieved malaria elimination, like El Salvador and China.

The preventable disease is mainly transmitted seasonally.

The National Health Department has implemented various programmes to put an end to the disease in the country.

“The South African government is committed to eliminate malaria and as such a solid investment case was developed and received through a conditional grant. The country has put these resources to good use and insured that its programmes are capacitated enough, and necessary resources were availed to implement these strategies,” said the health department’s Foster Mohale.


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