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Lamar Odom Afraid to Reach Out to Khloe Kardashian Again

For Lamar Odom, shooting his shot is easier said than done. More than seven years after finalizing his divorce from Khloe Kardashian, the former NBA player shared how much affection he still has for his ex-wife. When asked on TMZ Presents: Lamar Odom: S.e.x, Drugs & Kardashians if Khloe, 38, was the love of his life, Lamar, 43, didn’t hesitate in his answer.

“I think so,” he said. “With all those other women I was with, none of them made me feel secure enough.” So, if Khloe asked him for another chance, would he jump through hoops to make it work?

“I’d be like, ‘Where? When?’ Of course I would,” he shared. “I’m not a loser, and I feel like I lost. I would love to just take Khloe out to dinner. To be her friend.”

But during the special, which premiered Jan. 2, Lamar said he hasn’t reached out about a friendly meal or meeting. Regardless of what happens with him and Khloe, Lamar is hopeful his ex can find the right man as she raises True Thompson, 4, and her 4-month-old son with ex Tristan Thompson.

“Hopefully the next guy in her life will do a lot better,” he said. “Hopefully she learned from me and Tristan.”

Throughout their four-year marriage, Lamar made appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and starred in the spinoff Khloe & Lamar. But in his latest interview, Lamar shared he was unfaithful to his wife.

“I was having full-blown relationships on the road, and my wife is Khloe Kardashian,” he said. “It’s buggin’. I’m laughing out of embarrassment.”

In 2015, or two years after their breakup, his life turned upside down when he was put on life support after a near-fatal overdose. Despite their separation, Khloe rushed to Lamar’s side as he fought for his life.

“She’d wipe my ass,” he said about his ex’s care. “It don’t get realer than that. And she would bring me pictures of my mother and my grandmother to help me with my memory. Definitely a keeper.”

Now, the former Los Angeles Lakers player says he is stronger than ever. “I’m more focused than I ever was in my championship years,” he said. “I got the same focus. I don’t live life like a druggie anymore.”

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