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30 of the Highest-Paying Jobs in New York City

A consideration for most job searches is how much you can earn, and in the case of a city like New York City, it’s especially key as the cost of living in the city is comparatively high. While money isn’t the only motivation in taking on a job, it is a factor, and in your job search, you may want to start out looking at the jobs that pay well.

In this article, we’ll take a look at these jobs for New York City, listing 30 of the highest-paying jobs in NYC to give you a sense of the types of jobs you can pursue in New York and if the salary meets your expectations.

High-paying jobs in NYC

As the media, finance and legal capital of the United States, many jobs in NYC command higher salaries than the national average. The difference can range from a few thousand dollars to almost double the salary for the same job elsewhere. Here are 30 of the highest-paying jobs in New York City:

1. Information systems manager

Average NYC salary: $79,546 per year

Primary duties: Information systems managers coordinate IT systems within an organization. They evaluate the company’s information needs, recommend new technology and software, implement upgrades and improvements and supervise the rest of the IT department.

2. General manager

Average NYC salary: $80,409 per year

Primary duties: A general manager oversees a company’s day-to-day operations, including finances, hiring/training and assigning tasks and shifts.

3. Public relations manager

Average NYC salary: $82,911 per year

Primary duties: A public relations manager oversees activities that raise their clients’ profiles and improve public perceptions of individuals, brands and organizations.

4. Advertising manager

Average NYC salary: $83,699 per year

Primary duties: An advertising manager’s duties include finding appropriate placements for advertisements in media or online, assessing the results of an advertising campaign and recruiting talent for their department.

5. Marketing manager

Average NYC salary: $85,861 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager oversees all aspects of marketing for their organization. They create and direct policies relating to marketing, including finding target markets, determining pricing strategies and creating demand for products and services.

6. Sales manager

Average NYC salary: $91,176 per year

Primary duties: A sales manager oversees a team of sales associates, recruiting talent, setting goals and directing sales activities. Sales managers generate reports on their team’s progress and coach team members to improve results.

7. Finance manager

Average NYC salary: $96,455 per year

Primary duties: A finance manager uses a range of tools to perform financial analyses, which are then used to assess the current financial health of the company and forecast future developments. Financial managers prepare reports and other financial documents, as well as examine incoming documents to ensure they’re accurate and in line with laws and regulations.

8. Financial adviser

Average yearly NYC salary: $101,105 per year

Primary duties: A financial adviser helps their clients make informed decisions on financial matters, such as investments, taxes, pensions and insurance.

9. Compensation manager

Average NYC salary: $105,178 per year

Primary duties: A compensation manager takes care of all aspects of payment and compensation for employees. This includes conventional payments such as a salary or hourly payment, but may also extend to items like travel allowances, bonuses and other perks.

10. Attorney

Average yearly NYC salary: $107,578 per year

Primary duties: While studying law is extremely challenging, the rewards are significant. New York is a particularly good place to work if you’re a general counsel or another legal professional.

Many major firms are based in NYC and more have satellite offices. When a business in Europe needs to undertake legal matters with a business in Japan, they may well choose New York as a venue. For this reason, openings for attorneys are both well-compensated and fairly plentiful.

11. UX designer

Average yearly NYC salary: $111,038 per year

Primary duties: A user experience designer is tasked with overseeing the creation of applications and products, with a particular emphasis on making sure the product is relevant and user-friendly. Unlike a UI developer, who deals largely with software interfaces, a UX developer works on all aspects of a product. The duties of a UX designer include product research, developing scenarios in which the product might be used and thinking about the people who will use it.

12. Physician assistant

Average yearly salary: $124,172 per year

Primary duties: A physician assistant is a healthcare professional. They practice medicine but only with the direct or indirect supervision of a qualified physician. A physician assistant is licensed to diagnose and treat patients and may prescribe medication.

Studying to become a physician assistant involves clinical hours along with extensive coursework, which helps prepare the candidate for a fast-paced occupation in a hospital, medical facility or another clinical setting. Like many other jobs in the medical field, this is a demanding but rewarding position requiring a great deal of skill and knowledge.

13. Pediatrician

Average NYC salary: $131,073 per year

Primary duties: A pediatrician is a doctor specializing in childhood medicine.

14. Controller

Average NYC salary: $131,888 per year

Primary duties: A controller is in charge of high-level financial and accounting activities, as well as many managerial activities. The controller usually reports to the CFO, although sometimes the two roles are combined in smaller organizations. A controller assists with preparing budgets and financial reports, as well as performing important payroll duties.

15. Clinical pharmacist

Average NYC salary: $134,066 per year

Primary duties: A clinical pharmacist works with doctors and other healthcare professionals to make sure that patients get the best medication for their specific illnesses. A clinical pharmacist works in a healthcare setting, such as a hospital, clinic or another medical facility. Clinical pharmacists need extensive knowledge of medicine and may perform a variety of roles.

16. Mobile developer

Average NYC salary: $139,599 per year

Primary duties: A mobile developer is a software developer specializing in mobile technology, websites and applications for mobile devices. They may also develop mobile versions of existing sites and applications for desktops. Mobile developers need a strong background in software design as well as up-to-date knowledge of current mobile technology.

Mobile developers design, code, test and implement mobile solutions. They will also be involved in maintaining and updating existing applications. Mobile development is not only a fairly lucrative field, it’s also a growth industry with lots of new opportunities for skilled developers.

17. Data scientist

Average NYC salary: $140,008 per year

Primary duties: A data scientist’s role is to analyze and interpret data from a variety of sources. The job involves both a high level of mathematical study and advanced computer science skills.

A data scientist needs to know how to obtain reliable information from a company’s databases and analyze it effectively. As a data scientist, you need to collaborate with other departments in the company, particularly project management and engineering departments.

18. Software engineer

Average NYC salary: $144,381 per year

Primary duties: A software engineer develops software for computer systems. They apply their software engineering knowledge to designing and developing new products, as well as testing them and evaluating them.

A software engineer will also be involved in maintaining software solutions once they’ve been implemented, updating code for new technology, fixing bugs and adding new features. They may work on developing products for mass market or they may be employed in creating software solutions for a particular organization.

19. Solution architect

Average NYC salary: $148,419 per year

Primary duties: A solution architect is responsible for overseeing the creation of services or applications, often software solutions. To become a solution architect, you need a combination of both business skills and technical knowledge. Solution architects also need good people skills, as they work closely with other departments.

20. Obstetrics and gynecology physician

Average NYC salary: $168,001 per year

Primary duties: An obstetrics and gynecology physician, also known as an OB/GYN, is a physician who oversees all aspects of gynecological care and care relating to pregnancy and childbirth.

21. General practitioner

Average NYC salary: $170,663 per year

Primary duties: A general practitioner is a doctor trained in preventing, diagnosing and treating conditions that are commonly found in the general population.

22. Podiatrist

Average yearly NYC salary: $170,680 per year

Primary duties: A podiatrist takes care of all aspects of foot health. Podiatrists diagnose and treat diseases and deformities affecting human feet, including infections and conditions such as flat feet or hammertoes.

23. Engineering manager

Average NYC salary: $172,143 per year

Primary duties: An engineering manager coordinates activities relating to engineering. This can include civil, mechanical or electrical engineering.

24. Chief executive officer

Average NYC salary: $172,157 per year

Primary duties: A CEO needs to have an excellent understanding of their company so that they can make important decisions and solve difficult problems. A CEO needs to communicate well, whether it’s with supervisors, other executives, their employees or people from outside the organization. CEOs need to be experts at collecting information, effectively giving direction to employees and making sure that everyone is motivated.

25. Dentist

Average NYC salary: $181,373 per year

Primary duties: A dentist is a doctor specializing in oral and dental care. As well as caring for teeth and gums, a dentist may interpret x-rays, create treatment plans and prescribe medication.

26. Nurse anesthetist

Average NYC salary: $229,941 per year

Primary duties: A nurse anesthetist is a nurse who specializes in anesthesia. This role involves administering anesthetics and other medication, monitoring patients during anesthesia and caring for patients as they recover from anesthetics.

27. Psychiatrist

Average NYC salary: $235,823 per year

Primary duties: A psychiatrist is a specialist in mental health care. Psychiatrists assess patients, diagnose conditions, prescribe treatments and create care plans for people with mental health needs.

28. Surgeon

Average NYC salary: $283,259 per year

Primary duties: A surgeon is a medical practitioner specializing in surgical techniques. Surgeons perform operations, diagnose conditions and oversee the recovery of post-surgical patients.

29. Orthodontist

Average NYC salary: $301,117 per year

Primary duties: An orthodontist is a dental care provider who specializes in making sure that a patient’s teeth are properly aligned in their jaw and providing orthodontic care, such as braces and corrective procedures.

30. Anesthesiologist

Average NYC salary: $427,873 per year

Primary duties: An anesthesiologist specializes in providing anesthesia to patients undergoing surgery or other painful or excessively stressful procedures. Anesthesiologists provide local or general anesthetic, implement pain control measures, monitor patients during anesthesia and supervise patients recovering from anesthetics.

30 of the Highest-Paying Jobs in New York City


30 of the Highest-Paying Jobs in New York City
30 of the Highest-Paying Jobs in New York City

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