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How to Land an Office Job and 13 Entry-Level Office Positions to Apply For

Office work is an appealing career for many people. Most office positions have regular daytime hours, offer benefits and can lead to promotion. Because of this, office jobs are in-demand, particularly for entry-level positions. In this article, we explain what an office job is, describe how to get an office position and offer a list of entry-level office jobs.

What is an office job?

An office job is any position within an office setting. Many roles fit within this category, including:

  • Executive assistants

  • Receptionists

  • Account managers

  • Office clerks

  • Managers

  • Payroll specialists

  • Human resources representatives

  • Administrative assistants

  • Accountants

  • Customer service representatives

Usually, office jobs have set hours, often from 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. Office employees usually get breaks for lunch and have some autonomy for how they choose to manage their job responsibilities. Usually, there’s a set hierarchy of office positions, with a CEO or other high-level leader in charge, followed by middle-managers and then general employees.

How to get an office job

Finding an entry-level office job is a terrific way to build a career. Many companies like to promote from within, so starting as a beginner with a business and learning on-the-job can lead to an excellent career. Follow these steps to find an office job with little to no higher education or office experience:

1. Hone a skill

Even without the benefit of a college degree or previous experience, you can develop specific skills that will align with office positions and make you a top candidate for open positions. Consider specific technical skills like coding or more general, practical skills like typing.

2. Be flexible

While you may want a full-time job, remain open to a part-time or flexible position. Some positions may develop into full-time opportunities. If they don’t, the experience you gain and the skills you acquire while in the position can help you find a full-time office job with another company.

3. Consult your network

Use your professional network to find open positions. If you don’t have a professional network, consider attending job fairs and career expos to meet potential employers and like-minded people who are also looking for jobs. Many cities and community organizations host professional networking events to help applicants build their connections.

4. Use a temp agency

Working with a temp agency is a great way to gain experience and try many different office jobs. Apply to work with a temp agency and discuss your long-term career goals with them. They’ll place you in short-term positions that fit your skill set.

5. Consider interning

If you’re able to, consider interning with an office for a short period of time, like over the summer. You’ll gain experience and make excellent professional connections. Many companies hire people as full-time employees after the completion of their internship.

6. Customize your resume

Tailor your resume for each job application. Make sure you target the key qualifications and skills listed in the job posting to ensure the hiring manager sees how well you fit the role. Do the same for your cover letter and any other application documents you submit.

Entry-level office jobs

Quite a few jobs are available for those interested in working in an office environment but without a post-secondary degree or many years of work experience. Consider this list of 13 entry-level office jobs:

1. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $26,976 per year

Primary duties: Data entry clerks manage routine administrative duties such as collecting and entering data into spreadsheets, producing data when needed and organizing paper documents after digital entry.

2. Customer service representative

National average salary: $28,246 per year

Primary duties: Someone in this position helps customers by answering questions about products or services, facilitates exchanges or refunds, handles customer complaints and documents customer communications.

3. Receptionist

National average salary: $28,267 per year

Primary duties: A receptionist greets customers upon arrival to the office, manages the office calendar, answers phone calls and performs other administrative tasks as needed.

4. Customer care specialist

National average salary: $29,474 per year

Primary duties: Customer care specialists describe products and services to potential customers, answer questions and handle customer complaints.

5. Administrative assistant

National average salary: $32,448 per year

Primary duties: An administrative assistant manages correspondence for executives or managers, researches and gathers information for projects, coordinates office calendars and answers phone calls.

6. Medical biller

National average salary: $34,070 per year

Primary duties: Someone in this position prepares patient invoices based on procedures, corresponds with the insurance company, manages patient payments and balances payment from the insurance provider and patient.

7. Social media specialist

National average salary: $35,675 per year

Primary duties: A social media specialist monitors the company’s social media accounts, plans and executes posts, communicates with customers and oversees social media campaigns.

8. Event planner

National average salary: $40,677 per year

Primary duties: Event planners discuss event details with their clients, oversee event set up, monitor the event and prepare the bill and invoice for the client.

9. Public relations assistant

National average salary: $45,285 per year

Primary duties: A public relations assistant manages data entry tasks, sends out emails, answers phone calls, handles social media accounts and ensures consistent messaging.

10. Marketing assistant

National average salary: $46,064 per year

Primary duties: Someone in this position monitors marketing campaigns, gathers metrics and data, creates campaign ideas and helps complete marketing projects.

11. Legal secretary

National average salary: $48,216 per year

Primary duties: A legal secretary manages and prepares correspondence, transcribes legal documents, organizes case materials, organizes the attorney calendar and assists with research.

12. Copywriter

National average salary: $58,738 per year

Primary duties: A copywriter writes content for a variety of mediums including marketing materials, technical reports and social media posts.

13. Sales representative

National average salary: $61,286 per year

Primary duties: Sales representatives meet with clients, sell products or services, answer customer questions, handle sales transactions and complete sales reports.


How to Land an Office Job and 13 Entry-Level Office Positions to Apply For
How to Land an Office Job and 13 Entry-Level Office Positions to Apply For

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