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Keefe D faces facing imminent murder charge 27 years after bragging about Tupac’s death

Keefe D, the gangster who previously admitted to killing Tupac Shakur, is facing an “imminent murder charge” 27 years after the rapper’s death, according to reports.

Tupac was fatally shot in 1996 at the age of 25, but no arrest has ever been made. Now, Las Vegas homicide detectives are said to be “optimistic” that they have a strong enough case against Keefe D, member of The South Side Compton Crips, to finally close the case.

According to sources, the district attorney’s office is ready to present their case to a Las Vegas grand jury. It’s said a criminal case will be brought “imminently”. The district attorney “is looking at first degree murder” for Keefe D, real name Duane Keith Davis, according to one source.

It’s believed a grand jury will decide whether the evidence is strong enough to prosecute Keefe D in the next month. If they decide the evidence is strong enough, the case will move forward.

One source said the homicide team “did not enter into this investigation lightly”. Speaking to The Sun, they added: “They knew that the world would be watching if they took any action against Keefe. They do not want to make any missteps.”

Detectives are said to have spent months compiling evidence for the case. A second source told the publication it’s possible Keefe D will “try to negotiate a plea deal”.

They added: “We expect for this matter to become a criminal case imminently. Keefe has gloated so much about this that he has effectively talked himself into huge legal trouble.”

Keefe D has previously admitted to being involved in Tupac’s murder. In A&E’s documentary Who Killed Tupac?, he explained that he and his associates pulled up next to the white Cadillac that Tupac was in and someone in the vehicle took fire.

He avoided naming who killed Tupac, but has admitted that the shots came from the backseat. His nephew, Orlando Anderson, had been in the backseat of the car that night.

Orlando and Tupac were reportedly in a scuffle on the night of Tupac’s murder. Following a boxing match on September 7, 1997, Tupac was riding in the passenger seat of a 1996 BMW 750 Sedan which was being driven by Marion “Suge” Knight.

A white Cadillac pulled up beside Suge’s vehicle. From the back of the car, the shooter rolled down the window and took fire. That’s when both of them were shot at 13 times. Tupac was hit three times in the chest and shrapnel went by Suge’s head.

While Suge was released from medical care the very next day, Tupac continued to undergo treatment and operations. A few days later on September 13, Tupac died as a result of his injuries.

In other news – Drummer Gary Young has died

Gary Young, the original drummer for the indie rock band Pavement, has died. He was 70. “Gary Young passed on today,” Stephen Malkmus, the lead singer of the Stockton-born band, posted on X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday. “Gary’s pavement drums were ‘one take and hit record’…. Nailed it so well.”

The band’s verified Instagram account shared a message on Young’s passing that read: “Garrit Allan Robertson Young put Pavement on the map. He recorded all of our records from the ‘Slay Track’s 7 through to the ‘Watery, Domestic’ EP. He did it all in his garage, a studio called Louder Than You Think.” Read More

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