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King Charles III carries on legacy of mother Queen Elizabeth II

On Monday, King Charles III arrived at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the monarch presided over a small ceremony outside the castle gates, according to a press release from Buckingham Palace. Charles’ visit comes nearly a year after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the Scottish estate in September 2022 at the age of 96.

During the ceremony, King Charles wore traditional Scottish garb and had a friendly equestrian exchange when a pony was brought to the outdoor event.

King Charles III got into the fashion spirit during his visit to Balmoral Castle, wearing a traditional Scottish kilt to the ceremony.

Charles paired the multicolored kilt, which combined a teal base with orange and yellow plaid stripes, with a beige pinstripe blazer, light blue button-down shirt and red stockings.

The ceremony King Charles III presided over at Balmoral Castle involved an inspection of the Guard of Honour from the Balaklava Company, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland. The Royal Regiment of Scotland is a military unit that consists of the sole Scottish line infantry of the British Army, according to the British Army’s official website.

King Charles was recently announced as Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Regiment of Scotland, succeeding Queen Elizabeth II in the role.

An eagle-eyed King Charles III inspected the Balaklava Company, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland during the ceremony at Balmoral Castle. The company was under the command of Major Robert Weir. Charles was also entertained by 4 Scots, a pipes-and-drums band within the Royal Regiment.

Members of the Balaklava Company, dressed in hunter-green military attire and holding their knife-tipped weapons, stood before King Charles III as he made his inspection.

Even with his royal duties at the Balmoral Castle ceremony, King Charles III found some time to horse around.

During his inspection of the Balaklava Company, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, Charles met with the regiment’s mascot Shetland Pony Corporal Cruachan IV.

The king was all smiles as he stood in front of the small black horse, which was dressed in a teal and blue plaid covering for the ceremony.

In other news – WATCH: Drake catches a book thrown at his head during a concert

Drake showed how quick he is during his San Francisco concert on Wednesday, Aug. 16. The If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late rapper, 36, had a book tossed at his head while he was performing as part of his It’s All A Blur tour. Luckily, he caught the book and told the fan that if it had hit him, they would’ve had some problems.

Drake was in the middle of giving a speech between songs when a copy of his poetry book Titles Ruin Everything came flying through the air. He reached his hand up and caught the book. After catching the collection, he pointed to the fan and called them out. “You lucky I’m quick. I would’ve had to beat your a** if that hit me in the face,” he said before dropping the book. Read More

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