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Letoya cheated on me twice and beat me up – Lebogang

Home Wrecker actress Letoya Makhene-Pulumo allegedly wrecked her own marriage when she cheated on her wife Lebogang Pulumo-Makhene before she dramatically left their home last month.

After the alleged adulterous affair, Lebogang forgave Letoya and took her back with open arms. But their rekindled love was short-lived when she allegedly assaulted her last month, forcing her to cut her signature dreadlocks. Last week, Sunday World reported that two police vans escorted Letoya to collect her belongings from their home in Mohlakeng on July 4, after she was allegedly assaulted by Lebogang.

Fresh information has revealed that Letoya had on previous occasions allegedly assaulted her wife. The shocking titbits of the couple’s whirlwind three-year marriage are contained in a damning seven-minute voice note from Lebogang to Letoya during their breakup in July, following their domestic violence which resulted in the former Generations: The Legacy thespian asking lawyers to help her file for divorce. In the recording, which Sunday World heard, Lebogang is heard losing her marbles and threatening to unleash her lawyers on Letoya.

This apparently after Letoya told her to go to rehab to get help if she wanted them to save their faltering marriage. “Who told you to go to rehab when you were assaulting me, not once, not twice. Who told you to go to rehab when you cheated on me. Who told you? If those are the kind of things that you go to rehab for (sic).

“You were drinking yourself motherlessly with me, so you’re telling me to go to rehab because the last assault happened with you. Why don’t you take yourself to rehab? Why don’t we start there?

“You can arrange to come and collect all the blankets and packaging, I am done fighting with you and I am done trying to prove who I am to you, outside of the things that you tell these people,” Lebogang fumed.

“Come and get your products, come and get your blankets, tell me what else you want. Moving forward I will try and find an attorney that we can liaise with,” she said. It was clear that Lebogang was not ready and happy to go to rehab, saying it was a place for dysfunctional alcoholics.

“Letoya, I have really taken a decision to stop doing this to me. To stop making myself feel like a bad person. You know, Letoya, you have the audacity to tell me that I must go to rehab or you won’t take me back. Trust me when I say I can happily live with that.

“You must be smart enough to know what rehabilitation is.

“In case you do not know, it is a place for dysfunctional people because of alcohol or drugs. People with no sense of responsibility and functionality,” Lebogang said.

In the recording, Lebogang also claims to be behind the incorporation and conceptualisation of the majority of Letoya’s companies and also said the actress would not survive a day at the helm of her own businesses. including House of Kgwedi (HOK) and the Letoya Makhene Foundation (LMF), without her.

“According to you, you have conceptualised HOK and LMF, so to you I say have them both… I really don’t have the time to be fighting for such. “Outside of me helping you set it up, it might be a lot to you, but trust me, it is a drop in the ocean for me, I have copied you and instructed (name withheld) to do an urgent ownership change and give you 100% shareholding, I am not going to fight for petty things.”

Lebogang and Letoya did not respond to detailed questions sent to them.

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