Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Nathi Mankayi claims God doesn’t answer black people’s prayers

South African musician, Nathi Mankayi claims God doesn’t answer black people’s prayers. The singer made this claim while speaking on David Mashabela’s podcast.

Nathi explicated his claim by talking about how white people are progressive due to how they use what they have.

Nathi Mankayi

The Nomvula hitmaker said God doesn’t listen to black people’s prayers because they use the English language and not their native tongue.

“As a black person, you pray in English, how do you think God is going to answer your prayers? It is not that God does not understand English, but He gave you your own language.”

Nathi Mankayi1

“Even when sangomas go to their indumba (a traditional healing space), no matter how they twang, they speak to the ancestors in the vernacular. Praying in English as a black person is not powerful.”

In other news – 7de Laan’ actor David Rees still in critical care unit

Actor David Rees is still in the critical care unit after suffering a heart attack. Rees is well-known for his role as Chris Welman on ‘7de Laan’ which is coming to an end after its 24th season in December.

Rees’s family has been sharing updates with his fans and supporters on his official Facebook page, managed by his publicity manager, Corlia Strauss. Earlier in the week, Strauss had shared that the ‘7de Laan’ actor was being treated for a slight lung infection. Read More

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