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Sam Asghari was spotted with a black eye after an alleged violent incident with Britney Spears

Old photographs of Britney Spears’ husband with the ‘black eye’ he claims she gave him while he was sleeping have come to light after the couple confirmed they are getting a divorce after one year of marriage, it has been reported.

The Gimmie More singer allegedly punched Sam repeatedly, but he did not retaliate. The incident was reported to have taken place earlier this year, and the model was pictured with a black eye and bruises from a bitemark on his forearm shortly afterwards.

Security were allegedly forced to break the pair apart on numerous occasions, but they were reportedly unable to prevent the alleged harm in this instance. The ‘black eye’ incident reportedly took place when Sam was asleep in his bed.

After of her alleged violence, Sam was described as being terrified of Britney. At the time insiders revealed to TMZ that Britney would “fly of the handle” following the smallest issues.

TMZ claimed “sources with direct knowledge” said Sam had brought up multiple violent incidents over the course of their seven-year relationship. The sources also revealed to the news outlet that Britney had an “obsession with knives” that made Sam uncomfortable. Britney allegedly was in possession of her knife collection because she “was paranoid someone was going to get her, and she needed the knives as protection”. The insider said Britney hid knives throughout their martial house, including in their bedroom.

This week it has been confirmed that the pair have parted ways after just a year of marriage, with the Princess of Pop’s husband filing for divorce citing “unreconcilable differences”. Britney, 41, and the model and actor, 29, are reported to have both moved out of their martial home following a “nuclear” fight with Britney in which he accused the superstar of cheating.

Since filing for divorce, Sam has broke his silence on social media and confirmed on his Instagram story that the reports are true. He wrote: “After 6 years of love and commitment to each other my wife and I have decided to end our journey together. We will hold onto the love and respect we have for each other and I wish her the best always.”

He continued: “Sh** happens. Asking for privacy seems rediclulous [sic] so I will just ask for everyone including media to be kind and thoughtful.”

Britney has yet to publicly comment on the divorce, but has since deleted all the photos of Sam from her Instagram account. The singer did however break her silence after the news sharing a post about buying a horse. The Toxic singer posted a photo of her riding a horse while sporting a yellow bikini. The caption read: “Buying a horse soon!!! So many options it’s kinda hard. A horse called Sophie and another called Roar. I can’t make up my mind!!! Should I join the camaraderie and put a pink cowboy hat on??? Either way I think I found my sweet spot with Roar.

In other news – Lizzo’s dancers show their support amid misconduct lawsuit

Amid allegations of workplace misconduct, Lizzo’s dance crew, known collectively as the Big Grrrls and the Big Boiiis, issued a statement on social media Thursday thanking the singer for their experience on her Special Tour, which wrapped in July.

“We had the time of our lives on The Special Tour. We have been so honored to share the stage with such amazing talent,” the dancers wrote on Instagram. “The commitment to character and culture taking precedence over every movement and moment has been one of the greatest lessons and blessings that we could possibly ask for.” Read More

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