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Stay in Control: How Corporate Travel Management Enhances Policy Compliance

Because of the high volume of business trips taken by their employees, travel managers are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities. This is a very tedious, often frantic, and lengthy procedure. So, it’s no surprise that many businesses are thinking about contracting with a TMC to handle their business travel arrangements.

A TMC can assist your organisation streamline its corporate travel management process and save valuable time. In this article we’ll discuss how corporate travel management can enhance your business policy compliance as well as additional benefits of this service.

1.    Imperative travel compliance is ensured

One of the most prevalent issues that travel managers and corporations confront is policy infractions. Many employees break the rules regarding business travel. They may not be aware of the existence of a travel policy, may not have received clear instructions from management, or may find the policy’s rules too complex to follow.

Your business travellers may be in violation because they can’t access the policy in real time without your assistance.

You can make sure that your company’s travel policies are followed if you hire a third party to handle your business trips. Some of the best corporate travel management providers out there make use of travel management software, which lets you set different rules for different types of employees, different departments, different countries, and so on.

Your business travellers will have complete transparency into the company’s travel policies with the help of this software.

As a result, they won’t be able to make any reservations or incur any costs that aren’t allowed. In addition, both business travellers and approvers are alerted immediately if a booking is made that is not in accordance with company policy. This alleviates the burden on travel managers to monitor infringements of company policy.

2.    You are afforded round-the-clock travel support

When employees travel for business, they need to know they will be safe. Natural catastrophes, the spread of a pandemic, political turmoil, lost luggage, and other misfortunes are just some of the calamities that business travellers may face.

Furthermore, female travellers confront additional safety hazards not experienced by male travellers.

Business travellers in such a predicament can expect assistance from the travel management team. However, due to differences in time zones, weekends, or after-work hours, giving support during such times can be challenging.

You can avoid these problems by using an outside agency to handle your business travel trips. In cases like this, your staff will have access to 24/7 support from a travel management provider. Today’s TMCs have a dedicated staff with the expertise to help your employees through such difficult times.

A TMC also makes it easy for workers to get in touch with them at any time of day or night through a variety of mediums.

3.    You will receive valuable travel analytics

Analytics for business trips are a growing area of demand for most firms. This is because, in order to improve their corporate travel management process, travel managers need to keep tabs on a wide variety of key performance indicators (KPIs), including the number of policy breaches, the number of employees and the amount spent by department, the amount spent on each trip, the employee net promoter score, and many others.

The ability to access corporate travel data and analytics is one of the benefits of outsourcing your company’s travel management. The TMC utilises specialised software for managing travel itineraries and associated costs. These interactive displays can be tailored to meet specific needs while still providing instantaneous data availability.

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