Samsung S22 for £3 Scam – part of it?

Samsung S22 for £3 Scam – part of it? We ask this question because the fake Facebook advert leads you to this website. My love for cheap things almost landed me in trouble when I saw the Facebook advert from a verified user Simphiwe Dana, the video ad claims you can get a brand new Samsung S22 for only £3. Scam

Watch the video advert below…

When you click on the link on the Facebook Advert you are redirected to a page that looks like an Amazon page but when you check the link it’s actually not Amazon, see the picture below… Scam

The fake Amazon page looks so real with ratings showing right at the bottom… There you will be asked 3 questions and the main question being are you a resident of the United Kingdom? Scam

Upon answering the questions we were redirected to another page which still looks like amazon but its not… The text there reads:

Today, 20 February, you have the chance to get SamsungS22!

All you have to do is choose the right gift box.

You have 3 attempts, good luck! Scam

Clicking on the boxes you are guaranteed a win on the third try and you see a Samsung S22 pop up in the box and you feel like your luck has just improved. Once the winning box opens you see the text confirming that you have won a brand new S22:

Congratulations! You have won!

1. Click “OK” below to go to the promotion confirmation page.

2. Fill in the form and confirm your participation.

3. The parcel is delivered within 5-7 days.

Fake Amazon

We followed the instructions on the screen and we landed on a page that even showed the brand new Samsung S22 and the price tag of £3. But it still screamed SCAM but like any normal person we wanted the chance to get this new phone for next to nothing.

Fake Samsung for 3pounds

I filled in the details and was redirected to the payment page where i paid the £3 and after the payment I received a confirmation email… which came from [email protected] and was welcoming me to This came as a surprise to me because the whole time that website never showed up only to see it after making payment… Are part of the SCAM as well, I wonder? scam

I decided to login to see when my delivery will be and thats when my mood changed and I noticed that is an online shop that has a subscription service and the £3 i paid was for a 2 day trial on the website. From there on you don’t see anything related to the Samsung S22 that you thought you were buying.

The 2-day trial once over will attract a fee of GBP24.99 for a 14-day period… So when i thought I bought a very cheap Samsung S22 i had actually been scammed into signing up for a subscription service on for around £50 per month!

Since I felt robbed, I decided to cancel the subscription service and so I reached out to Support to find out why they use false advertising to lure people to their website. This is the response I got:

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for contacting us back.

Please be advised that we are not affiliated with Amazon and from what I can see here, there was no order made under this account yet.

Kindly utilize the trial subscription as payment has been made successfully. This will now be your final transaction if you choose to cancel your account.

I’ll be waiting for your confirmation for us to proceed.

Please do not hesitate to respond to this e-mail if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

CJ Customer Service Representative

The company seems not to care how users are lured to their website and subscription service as I assume they only care about the profits. If you use lies and deceit to drive people to your site then it basically means you are part of the SCAM! is part of this Samsung for £3 SCAM!

Unsuspecting users will only notice the money coming out of their account as they wait for the Samsung S22 to be delivered. So before you rush to put your bank details of a Samsung for £3 advert, just know that its a SCAM!

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