Eurostar fury as passengers face 90 minute delays after trains blocked

It has been announced that Eurostar and South-Eastern Railway services have been suspended.

BBC London Travel has announced this morning that all lines have been blocked between Stratford International and Ebbsfleet International. It comes after apparent damage to overhead wires.

They posted on Twitter, explaining the situation.

The Travel alert service said: “There’s damage to the overhead wires between Stratford International and Ebbsfleet International – all lines are blocked.

“@Eurostar and high-speed @Se_Railway services are currently suspended in and out of St Pancras.”

Travellers took to Twitter to express their fury and complained of 90-minute delays.

Kenneth Farnon IRL posted: “@Eurostar your silence is deafening no announcement as to why 10.22 to Paris is delayed sat here on train zero communication shameful #eurostar #shambles #quiet”

Snellcj tweeted: “Using @Eurostar for our trip to Brussels seemed too easy. 90 mins delay thanks to power issues. Thanks @networkrail, let me down yet again.”

Ian James Hardie posted: “@Eurostar any news of train 9018! Due to leave at 10.22 but still in St P with no news..come on give us some communication! #customerservice”

Eurostar posted on Twitter, writing: “Due to a problem with the overhead power supply near Stratford, all trains are currently stopped in the area until further notice.”

LaureH added: “I am currently stuck in the 9.12am from Paris although it says it has arrived 45 minutes ago…”


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