Virgin Media Customers angry after service outage – #VirginMediaoutage

Virgin Media is a top provider of telephone, television, and internet services in the United Kingdom, serving thousands of individuals who depend on the company to maintain their connections. The company offers a range of plans that merge television and broadband services for its customers.

Many customers were left outraged when a service interruption occurred on Tuesday 4 April 2023. As of 7:05 AM the internet services are still down and seem their website is also not functional. The angry customers took to Twitter and had lots to say about the once dependable service. One user wrote – @virginmedia absolutely horrific service once again. No updates, service status page not working. #VirginMediaoutage. How do I register for loss of service when your loss of service page doesn’t even load?

The sad part is the lack of communication from Virgin Media and this has further angered loyal customers. On my end, the TV services are working, I can watch the Great Romance channel with wines sponsored by the devil advert after every 5 minutes!

It seems customers started reporting service outages at around 1 am on 4 April 2023 and the reports kept increasing according to Downdetector.

Back to the angry customers who took their issues to Twitter, #VirginMediaoutage here are a few of those tweets:

You can read more on the issue and maybe add your voice on Twitter with the hashtag – #VirginMediaoutage. Hopefully, the issue is sorted out soon enough! We hope Virgin Media gives an update on what is happening and how long we have to wait to get the service running again!

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