14 year old genius recruited by Elon Musk no longer allowed to have a LinkedIn Account.

Elon Musk's youngest employee Kairan Quazi, aged 14, has had his account removed from LinkedIn.

Kairan Quazi, aged 14, he is graduating from the Santa Clara University School of Engineering, becoming its youngest ever graduate in 2023 and simultaneously, he was recruited by SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, in June 2023 to become the youngest engineer at Starlink, the company’s satellite internet team.

SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company

However, despite being old enough to have a job, LinkedIn has said that he is not old enough to be on the job related application. Hence, has removed his account from the application.

Kairan Quazi’s  Background and work at Elon Musk’s  company

Quazi was born to Bangladeshi parents, Mustahid and Jullia Quazi and his father was a chemical engineer from Manikganj, Bangladesh, and his mother, a Wall Street executive. By age two, doctors assessed his intellectual and emotional intelligence as “off the charts,” as her mother recalled.

He first entered Mensa International, a program for individuals with a high IQ, and became a Davidson Institute Young Scholar. Then he moved to special elementary school. When asked if he was a genius, he would divert the answer to his mother’s remarks, saying, “Mom says she’s the only genius in the house because it takes one to keep their house from falling apart!”.

At the age of11, Quazi got transferred to Santa Clara University to take up computer science and engineering and in 2022, he completed an internship at a cyber intelligence firm, Blackbird.AI. When he receives the degree which is due for completion this year of 2023, he will become the youngest graduate from Santa Clara University in its 172 years of establishment

Elon Musk
Elon Musk, Kairan Quazi’s employer

In April 2023, Quazi announced on Instagram that he was ready for a “major job” interview, and received an acceptance email from SpaceX, a company founded by Elon Mask a few weeks later. The company announced his appointment on 13 June, posting on Twitter: “SpaceX hires the best, brightest and smartest engineers in the world, even a 14-year-old by the name of Kairan Quazi, who will start his new job on SpaceX’s Starlink team on July 31.” He is set up to move to Redmond with his mother by the end of July.

People around the world use LinkedIn to connect with their industry colleagues and build professional networks. Kairan Quazi, a 14-year-old who made news for graduating from Santa Clara University with a bachelor’s degree and subsequently securing a software engineering job on SpaceX’s Starlink, was also using LinkedIn.

However, earlier this week, LinkedIn decided to delete Quazi’s account on the grounds that he is not yet 16, which is the minimum age requirement to join the platform.

inkedIn banned 14 year old Elon Musk’s employee on the app


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