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Beyonce looks sizzling in a custom mesh black bodysuit by Gucci

Beyonce, 41, looked incredible in her newest bodysuit for her Renaissance Tour. The singer was performing in Amsterdam when she showed off an eye-catching custom black and silver mesh bodysuit by Gucci. She paired the look with a matching wide hat and silver-sequined sunglasses that had pointy frames.

The beauty rocked the outfit while wearing silver nail polish. She also sang into a silver microphone during her stylish moment, making the overall stage vibes truly epic. Since Beyonce is known for donning eye-catching and memorable costumes for her tour, it wasn’t too surprising that she added a new and sexy look to the mix.


Some of Beyonce’s other costumes include a black and yellow bodysuit as well as a multi-colored patterned bodysuit. She’s also worn an all-silver pantsuit with sparkles and a shimmery gold sleeveless bodysuit. A 3D-painted dress and black and silver bodysuit have also made their way onto the “Halo” crooner during her sold-out shows.

When Beyonce’s not getting attention for her tour looks, she’s doing so for her tour memories. The talented artist recently helped with an audience member‘s gender reveal request during her Germany show. Per Billboard, she paused about an hour into the show and acknowledged the person.


“I wanna do this right because since the beginning of the show, I’ve seen this sign that says ‘Do my gender reveal,’” she said as she stood onstage in a glittering silver jumpsuit with a metallic bra top. “I just want to do it right — do I have to open the envelope? Can somebody hand me the envelope, please?”

Once the envelope made its way into her hands, she eagerly opened it up and looked at what was written down. She then smiled and paused before exclaiming, “Girl!” and the crowd cheered. “Congratulations! Congratulations, beautiful!” she also said directly to the parents-to-be in the audience. “God bless you!”

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