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Kim Kardashian reveals she has imposter syndrome

Kim Kardashian, 42, maybe one of the most popular and successful women in the world, but she doesn’t always feel great about it. The Kardashians star’s company, SKIMS, was named in Time‘s 100 Most Influential Companies issue, but she admitted she suffers from “Imposter Syndrome,” which is “the condition of feeling anxious and not experiencing success internally, despite being high-performing in external, objective ways,” according to BetterUp.

“You have big hopes, but this exceeded everything that I ever imagined,” she told the outlet when discussing her shapewear company, which started in 2019 and was valued at $3.2 billion last year, in a sit-down interview, part of which can be seen below. “I still have, like, imposter syndrome or whatever, but I think that’s part of what keeps me going.”


She also talked about how creating the shapewear company started from her own needs. “I feel like, OK, I did it. It started with simply finding shapewear that was a skin tone that would match my color,” she explained. “I used to take my shapewear and dye it with tea bags and coffee in the bathtub.” Now, SKIMS includes pieces for all different tones, from sand to onyx.

Kim is the largest shareholder of the company and it has branched out to now also include loungewear, panties, and bras. The beauty also revealed she’ll be releasing a line of men’s loungewear in the fall, and plans on creating male-friendly shapewear in the future. She also said that she always tries on new products to approve them before they go out for sale. “I always like to see it on myself,” she said. “I can tell when I miss a few drops.”

Kim Kardashian

As far as what’s next, Kim explained she knows, as an influencer, her time may be “limited,” and she wants to make the best of it. “I understand that maybe in my 50s, I’m not going to be wanting to pose in my underwear,” she said. “We’ll do anything we can to look as young as we can. We’re not going to go out not trying.”

In other news – Beyoncé and Jay-Z hold hands at Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton show in Paris

Beyonce, 41, and Jay-Z, 53, turned heads at this week’s Pharrell‘s Louis Vuitton show. The married lovebirds were dressed to impress as they attended the event and held hands. She wore a silky gold long-sleeved top that went all the way down to her ankles and matching pants, while he wore a black vest over a white long-sleeved button-down shirt, black pants, and a black blazer over his shoulders.

The “Halo” crooner also had her long hair down and added big sunglasses to her look as she held a Louis Vuitton purse in one hand. Jay-Z added shiny black shoes to his look and also wore sunglasses. They were both photographed while walking by many onlookers and other attendees outside. Read More

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