Manchester City 0 – 0 Inter Milan #UCLfinal

Manchester City 0 – 0 Inter Milan #UCLfinal. Champions League final at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul.

Manchester City are chasing the Treble and their first Champions League title. Inter Milan are after the trophy for the fourth time.

Kick-off started and both teams had chances to put the ball behind the goal but even the goalkeepers came to work making it difficult to score. Two minutes added to the first 45mins and City and Milan are still goalless.

This is a dangerous game for City. Inter Milan are giants of European football but at this moment in time, Pep Guardiola’s side is far superior.

Manchester City 0 - 0 Inter Milan

Pep Guardiola will expect his team to go up a level. It’s been a bit of an Italian job, Inter have been super aggressive.

Inter have failed to score a first-half goal in eight of their 13 games, more often than any other team in the Champions League this season.

City aren’t far behind on 7/13 goalless first halves. So maybe we shouldn’t have expected anything else.

source – news365coza

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