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Morgan Wallen’s son rushed to ER after being attacked by a dog

Country singer Morgan Wallen’s son was rushed to the ER after being attacked by a dog Sunday. Indigo, 2, had to get stitches after he was bitten in the face by his mother KT Smith’s dog. Taking to her Instagram Story Monday, Smith said the toddler, whom she shares with the “Last Night” crooner, will be “OK” but might have a small scar from the ordeal.

“Yesterday, he bit Indigo in the face, and [Indigo] had to have stitches, and we spent yesterday morning at the emergency room,” Smith told her 396,000 Instagram followers. In a series of clips on the platform, the influencer revealed she adopted the rescue pooch, a Great Pyrenees named Legend, in April 2022.

Smith said that she and the dog “kind of saved each other” at the time. She said she is not willing to put the dog down following the attack.

“Since then, we have been looking for options, and I just couldn’t bring myself to what everyone else says and what you’re supposed to do, apparently — what the world tells you to do — is to put the dog down because they are aggressive,” she explained.

Admitting she’s “gone back and forth with that,” Smith said that her pooch “does not deserve that because he is wonderful and could do really great with a family who doesn’t have small children.”

“I know I don’t want him to go to a kill shelter … and shelters are full,” she went on, adding that she can no longer have Legend live under the same roof as her.

“This will be all over the place, and I’ll also start off by saying I never wanted to bring this to social media, but he deserves better,” Smith said of her dog.

“I’m getting Indigo back home tomorrow, and he has to be gone by then.”

Elsewhere, Smith said she will not be putting a muzzle on the dog. “I can’t be a good dog mom to him [if I’m] keeping a muzzle on him or a good mom in general. Having a kid just really scared of him in the home,” she explained.

“He is not aggressive toward adults at all. You can get in his face, and you can do anything, and he’s still such a good dog.” For his part, Wallen, who dated Smith from 2016 to 2019, has yet to comment on the ordeal.

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