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Slow cooker Korean beef recipe

Slow cooker Korean beef recipe. Who needs takeout when it takes just 10 minutes to prepare this slow cooker Korean beef? Simply get all your ingredients together and let the slow cooker work its magic.

The beef melts in your mouth with every bite thanks to the sweet and savoury flavours of the bulgogi sauce (which can be found in the Asian section of the supermarket), onion, garlic and ginger. The smoky notes from the sauce also infuse into the meat, and the addition of toasted sesame seeds on top show how easy it is to create a rich and complex flavour profile with such simple ingredients.

The beef mixture can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 3 days, making it perfect to have for leftovers. If you ask me, this recipe has the same strengths as a curry – it tastes even better the next day!

10m prep
4h cook
4 servings

9 Ingredients

* 1kg beef chuck steak, cut into 3cm pieces

* 1 brown onion, finely chopped

* 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

* 5cm piece ginger, grated

* 2 x 240g jars bulgogi sauce and marinade

* 1 tbsp cornflour

* 2 green shallots, thinly sliced diagonally

* Toasted sesame seeds, to serve

* Steamed rice, to serve

3 Method / Steps

Step 1

Combine the beef, onion, garlic, ginger and bulgogi sauce in a slow cooker. Cover and cook on HIGH for 3 hours 30 minutes or until beef is almost tender.

Step 2

Place the cornflour and 1 tsp water in a small bowl and stir to combine. Stir into beef mixture and cook, covered,
for 30 minutes or until sauce has thickened and beef is tender.

Step 3

Top beef with shallots and sesame seeds and serve with steamed rice.

source – cooking365coza

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