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Dineo Langa opens up about her relationship with husband Solo

Dineo and Solo have been together for 11 years, but Dineo says it feels like they have just started. In a recent sit-down with Mantsoe Pout on her Moments with Mantsoe podcast, she said she felt like they were fated to be together.

She opened up about their spiritual journey as individuals and how that started when they embraced what lay ahead for them when they decided to initiate.

“When I made the decision to initiate, he said there was no way I was letting you go alone, so I’ll also fix my things at the same time as you.”

Dineo and Solo2

When asked how the process was for them, she was said it was not easy.

“We couldn’t touch, or sleep in the same bed. During that time you are grounding your energy. You sit on the floor, you sleep on the floor, you are not allowed to touch, no intimacy is allowed,” said Dineo.

Solo and Dineo said their I Do’s on May 11 2019 after dating for six years and have been going strong since.

Dineo and Solo2

On her birthday Solo penned a heartfelt post to his wifey.

Dineo wrote: “11 years and 52 minutes (because I’m late) since you said, ‘You should be my girlfriend soon’, and I agreed that that day should be the day and I haven’t looked back since. Doing life with you has been so beautiful. We move with love and intention daily. Everything we committed to is still within us. I love you so much, sthandwa. Happy anniversary, my baby Solo Ntsizwa.”

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