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Drake roasts fan after they throw vape pen onstage

Drake, 36, nearly lost his cool after a fan threw a vape pen on stage during his performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on Jul. 20. The official TikTok account for the concert venue shared the video as a reminder to guests that vaping is prohibited.

During the now-viral moment, the “One Dance” hitmaker slammed the fan while he was on stage. “Did you throw a vape over here? Come on. Who threw this? Who threw the vape?”, the rapper questioned the audience.


Moments later, Drake criticized the fan’s life morals for throwing the smoking device onto the stage. “There’s no way you’re taking life serious [sic] if you think I’m gonna pick this vape up and vape with you at the f****** Barclays Center,” he said into the mic. “You got some real-life evaluating to do.” The 36-year-old then kicked the mini vape pen but proceeded to pick it up. “Throwing this f****** lemon-mint vape up here thinking I’m about to vape with you at the Barclays,” he added.

Soon after the video of the vape debacle landed on social media, many of the Hollywood heartthrob’s fans took to the comments to react. “The Toronto came out him with that one,” one admirer joked via Twitter, while another added, “Why are these fams [sic] throwing stuff?” Meanwhile, one fan chimed in to agree with Drake on the “real-life evaluating” comment. “You got some real life evaluating to do if you vape at all tbh,” they penned.


Many of the Barclays Center’s TikTok followers also chimed in the post to add their own commentary on the moment. “The way he read the flavour,” one fan quipped, while another added, “he’s so sassy.” A couple of Drake’s fans even went as far as to say that have decided to quit vaping after watching the video. “i quit from this day forward,” one TikTok admirer declared, with a second who agreed and wrote, “i will never do it again after this tiktok.”

The vape snafu occurred just two weeks after the Grammy winner was hit by a cellphone during his concert in Chicago. While Drake kicked off his tour with an emotional ballad, a fan opted to toss a phone directly at the singer while he was on stage (watch the video here). The phone appeared to have hit Drake near his stomach and arm moments before it bounced off of him and landed on the floor. Drake opted to not acknowledge the moment and carried on singing without missing a beat. Both incidents come amid the latest trend of audience members throwing objects to performers on stage. Other A-listers who have experienced this include singer Bebe Rexha, pop icon P!nk, rapper Latto, and more.

In other news – Tony Bennett’s wife speaks out after singer’s death

Tony Bennett’s wife, Susan Benedetto, is speaking out for the first time since the legendary singer’s death at the age of 96. A statement shared on Bennett’s Instagram Friday read, “Thank you to all the fans, friends and colleagues of Tony’s who celebrated his life and humanity and shared their love of him and his musical legacy.

“From his first performances as a singing waiter in Queens to his last performances in 2021 at Radio City Music Hall, Tony delighted in performing the songs he loved and making people happy. And as sad as today has been for all of us we can find joy in Tony’s legacy forever.” Read More

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