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Kevin Spacey cleared of nine counts of s.e.x.ual assault

Kevin Spacey was found not guilty of sexually assaulting four men after a jury took 12 hours and 26 minutes to reach a verdict.

The actor, who turned 64 today, sobbed in the court room in London as the decision was read out. And now a PR expert has urged the star to “take time off” ahead of his next move. Andy Barr told the Mirror: “Spacey has been cleared today of several sexual offenses, which follows several dismissed court cases in the US of a similar nature.

“He hasn’t been found guilty of anything he’s been accused of over the years in court and this does, of course, give him a chance to come back – eventually, although there are still a large number of accusations still floating around.

“He needs to take some time away from the limelight, take stock of the situation and plot his return, assuming he even wants to. He will, no doubt, be very mindful of the fact that whatever he does next, it will go under the microscope and it will drag up a lot of negative questions around this case, tarnishing whatever project he will be working on. And there’s going to be a lot of people in the industry who don’t want to work with him in the future for this exact reason.”

Barr, who is a Crisis Communications Expert and CEO of 10Yetis added: “The traditional Crisis Communications Playbook would say that when it comes to restoring a reputation, you pick one big ticket media outlet to go to first with a tightly controlled and well-rehearsed interview.

“I imagine his Hollywood return may be some time away, but his theatre production work could return far sooner.”

Earlier in the day, the House of Cards star nervously awaited the decision as his four-week-long trial came to a close. He had faced nine charges involving four younger men.

The prosecution had accused the actor of being a “sexual bully” who “aggressively” grabbed other men by the crotch in a series of alleged assaults from 2001 to 2013.

During the court hearing, Sir Elton John was among those to take to the stand in Spacey’s defense. Answering questions under oath himself during proceedings, Spacey admitted to several sexual encounters but insisted they were consensual.

And following the verdict on Wednesday, he was seen hugging his legal team. Talking shortly after the announcement, he said he was “humbled” by the jury’s decision to clear him of the offenses.

“I’m imagining many of you can understand that there’s a lot for me to process after what has just happened today,” he began, before giving thanks to those who stood by him throughout the case.


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