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Kris Jenner breaks down over Tristan Thompson’s family tragedy

Kris Jenner got emotional during the latest episode of The Kardashians as she looked back on her hardships with Tristan Thompson following his tragic family tragedy.

The 67-year-old matriarch sat down with basketball star Tristan, 32, to talk about how her family had stepped in to help him after his mother’s sudden death. Andrea tragically passed away in January after suffering from a heart attack.

Tristan’s mother was the sole caregiver to his teenage brother Amari, who has a mental disability, leaving the responsibility of his care to the athlete. Following the devastating news, Tristan’s now ex-partner, Khloe, immediately jetted to Andrea’s home in Toronto, Canada with her sister, Kim, and her mother, Kris, via private jet to make arrangements for Amari to live with them in Calabasas, California. The family also sorted Andrea’s apartment.

During the scene, Khloe mentioned that Tristan and Amari settled into in her $17million mansion while renovations were underway in Tristan’s new home. As tears began welling up in her eyes, Kris said: “You know your mom had a lot on her plate, and to be able to be Amari’s sole caregiver like really affected me so much, and that just broke my heart because Amari doesn’t know what’s going on, and then all of a sudden you’re stripped from the caretaker you’ve had your whole life.

“I just feel so lost for him because he’s probably wondering where his mommy went, and it breaks my heart,” she added, before Tristan thanked her for her help and explained that he and Amari were taking things day by day.

Khloe and Tristan co-parent their two children, True, five and Tatum, one. The couple split a year before the news broke that he had had an affair with fitness trainer Maralee Nichols.

Tristan and Maralee welcomed their 19-month-old son Theo but he hasn’t been a part of their son’s life. However, he has been involved in the lives of True and Tatum and regularly shares snaps with them on his social media.

He recently uploaded images of one-year-old Tatum to mark his first birthday. It let to criticism from some online who felt he should be sharing his time with all of his kids.

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