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Ministry of information permanent secretary Mangwana tells Malema to go to hell

South African opposition party, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says Zimbabwe should undertake a cocktail of measures for free and fair elections saying window dressing plebiscite will not win the confidence of the international community.

Malema, who has never shied away from Zimbabwean politics, said this on the eve of his party’s 10th-anniversary celebrations.

Malema told Zimbabweans not to tire of fighting for their country, encouraging those living in the diaspora to be more vocal, demanding a credible election.

“They must never despair. They must continue to fight for their country and reclaim it from kleptocracy and criminality hijacking Zimbabwe. We want Zimbabweans to fight and take over their country back.

“We want the international community to lift the sanctions and let us get Zimbabwe to work again,” said Malema.

Zimbabwe is scheduled to hold its general elections next month to elect parliament, council, and Presidency members.

The build-up to the elections has been marred by the opposition’s accusations of an electoral playing field tilted in favor of the ruling party Zanu-PF.

Last week, Saviour Kasukuwere lost his bid to make it on the presidential ballot in the Supreme Court.

Malema further said Zimbabwe should oversee genuine elections next month.

“This thing of pretentious elections is not going to work, is not going to deliver confidence, the much-needed confidence that Zimbabwe need now from the international community to lift sanctions. The Zimbabweans must never despair,” said Malema.

Commenting on Malema’s sentiments, ministry of Information permanent secretary Ndabaningi Mangwana accused Malema of being a G40 sympathizer.

“Ndezvake izvo. Who asked for his 2 pence? He is a G40 sympathizer but we don’t give 2 hoots. He can go to hell,” said Mangwana.

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