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Nick Cannon reveals he’s ‘all in’ to have 13th child with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift fans, also known as Swifties, are up in arms after Nick Cannon’s newest comment saying that he’s ‘all in’ to have his thirteenth child with the famous pop singer.

Former radio presenter Cannon made an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show in early April. During the episode, Stern jokingly suggested that Cannon should have his next child with the ‘Blank Space’ singer now that she’s back on the market following her recent fling with Matty Healy.

In the interview, the former Drumline Star responded: “Absolutely! I’m in, let’s go!”

The former actor goes on to say that he has alway’s admired Swift, and that he thinks that she is an ‘amazing songwriter’ and that he loves how vulnerable and honest the singer is with when making all of her music. He goes on to say that he thinks they would compliment each other well because they’ve both been in very public relationships.

But Swift’s protective fans did not like the sound of that and immediately took to Twitter to show their dismay and disapproval of Cannon’s comments with many referring to them as ‘sexual harassment.’

One Swiftie wrote: “Can Taylor sue him for harassment already? He’s disgusting and needs to be taught about birth control or something.”

Another fan Tweeted: “I have a really great sense of humor but this ain’t it. In fact it’s gross that this would even be a topic that something said out loud. Respect women.”

And a third said: “That is so nasty of him to say!! Side eye stay away from her.”

Fans have been extra protective of the ‘Shake it Off’ singer lately as she has recently broken up with her long-time boyfriend Joe Alwyn who she was dating for over six years, as well as her brief fling with the lead singer of The 1975 Matty Healy.

As for Cannon, the celebrity has 12 children with six different women including his most famous marriage to singer Mariah Carey, who divorced in 2014. The 42-year-old rapper is also currently in an on-and-off relationship with model Bre Tiesi.

But Cannon is not the only one with his eye on Swift – this week NFL star Travis Kelce also tried to make a move on the talented singer at one of her concerts in Kansas City. The football player said he hoped to see Swift before or after her performance to give her a beaded bracelet with his number on it, but unfortunately for the athlete, Swift strictly does not allow visitors in order to preserve her voice.

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