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Vodacom pays tribute to ‘Yebo Gogo’ uncle

As news of Nigerian-born professor Bankole ‘Kole’ Omotoso’s death spread, numerous people and organisations have shared their heartfelt tributes.

The family shared a statement confirming his death. “We are mourning the loss of our father, husband and grandfather Prof. Bankole ‘Kole’ Omotoso, who passed away after a long period of illness in Johannesburg on July 19, 2023,”

Telecommunications giant Vodacom worked with Omotoso on the long-running “Yebo Gogo” advertising campaign in the early 1990s and early 2000s in South Africa.

“We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Prof Omotoso, who is one of the country’s respected academic and playwrights.

“At Vodacom, we remember him as an iconic figure who helped put brand Vodacom on the map through the inventive ‘YeboGogo’ advertising campaign that went on to win several advertising accolades,” said Vodacom Group CEO Shameel Joosub.

Omotoso was the face of Vodacom’s adverts and with his image dominating the advertising media landscape, becoming one of the most visible persons in the country, reflecting the changing face of a new South Africa.

“Omotoso leaves behind a rich legacy, having played a significant role in inserting brand Vodacom, a brand with deep African roots, in the national conscience. I would also like to offer my personal heartfelt condolences to Prof Omotoso’s family.”

Actor Michael de Pinna, who starred with Omotoso in the “Yebo Gogo” advert, shared in a social media post, his sadness over the news.

“It’s with profound sadness that I have heard that the man who I spent almost 20 years with making the Yebo Gogo commercials for Vodacom has passed away. I send all deepest condolences to his family and Akim. I am so sad. Rest in peace old friend,” he wrote.

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