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Cardi B lets tampon string hang out while dancing onstage

Cardi B let her tampon string hanging out while she gyrated onstage during a commando performance in Las Vegas last Friday.

The “WAP” rapper, who was wearing a gold-fringe minidress, showed the crowd of attendees at Drai’s Nightclub more than just her dancing skills when she approached the front of the stage.

In a video recorded by a horrified concertgoer, Cardi was seen patting her lady parts as she moved her hips in a circular motion. Within seconds of the sultry solo, it became obvious that the married mother of two was not wearing any underwear.


However, she was wearing a disposable menstrual product, whose long white thread flailed about in unison with her swaying lower body.

It wasn’t just the panties Cardi ditched; she was barefoot, too.

At another point during the night, after she finished belting out her final song, “I Like It,” the Grammy winner, 30, chucked her microphone in the direction of the DJ booth. Though she did not say anything before or after the throw, Cardi appeared angry as she exited the stage alongside her bodyguards.

Social media users have speculated that she was mad at the DJ for continuously cutting her tracks short during the set. The hip-hop hitmaker has already made headlines for a different mic toss during the same weekend.


While performing “Bodak Yellow” at Drai’s Beachclub on Saturday, Cardi encouraged fans to “splash” water “in [her] p—y.”

The request seemingly led someone in the first few rows to hurl their open drink at the musician, which prompted a shocked Cardi to pelt her mic with force into the area from where the beverage came.

A video of the altercation showed Cardi then shouting some inaudible words at the perpetrator before security swooped in to escort them out of the event.

In other news – Will Smith regrets introducing daughter Willow Smith into show business as a kid

The Smiths may be a family of superstars, but the life in the public eye hasn’t always been easy. As as Will Smith recently revealed, that was especially true for his and Jada Pinkett Smith’s kids Jaden Smith and Willow Smith as they started their respective acting and singing careers at such a young age.

“2010 was like the greatest year as an artist, as a parent,” the Oscar winner told Kevin Hart on the July 3 episode of Hart to Heart while recounting the start of his kids’ careers. “Karate Kid came out in June, ‘Whip My Hair’ came out in October. I’m building this dream of a family I’ve had in my mind. ‘I’m going to do it better than my father did it.’ We’ve talking about it, my father was abusive. I told myself I would never have that kind of energy with my family and I had a dream, an idea of a family I was building. Pretty much 2010 to 2012 I had achieved everything I had ever dreamed.” Read More

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