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Ciara ready for back-to-school – ‘This mama is prepared’

Ciara is ready to shift from a summer of travel and making memories as her family heads back to their routine. The Grammy winner, 37, tells PEOPLE that she’s feeling “prepared” as her three kids — 3-year-old son Win, daughter Sienna Princess, 6, and son Future Zahir, 9 — head back to school, and husband Russell Wilson embarks on another NFL season.

“Back to school, I will say I feel very proud because this mama is prepared,” Ciara laughs as she chats with PEOPLE about being the face of Gap and LoveShackFancy’s new collection, with some help from her older pair of kids.

“I’ve already gotten my kids’ clothes shopping done, so I’m excited about that.”

The mom of three admits she’s “getting better” with the chaos of the season — from getting supplies to making sure summer work has been completed — though it can be hard to juggle their individual schedules.

“There are three kids, three of these precious, beautiful, turned-up-crazy, fun, amazing human beings that come with so much. It’s like, ‘Oh my Lordy,’ but you also find a way to make it work. That’s the beauty of it all, it’s organized chaos. That’s how life is in general for us, so that’s nothing new, but during back to school, you’re really carefully running through lists and crossing your Ts and dotting your Is, because you want your kids to be set up for success and go in prepared.”

The family is coming off an adventurous summer that saw Ciara join SiSi and Future in jumping off boats in the Bahamas, a “sweet and memorable” time for everyone.

“Moments like that are so fun. Just being able to travel and be together as a family, I always value those moments,” she says. “Even just sitting down and having dinners together as a family. We get to do it more because Russ isn’t in football, so we make a conscious effort to make our family unit moments happen in the summer.”

“I think it’s good energy rolling back into back-to-school and the season, and new music for me. This summer was jam-packed with music and creative concepts for me, so I’m excited about the stuff I’ve done as well. It’s been adventurous, to say the least, but I’ve enjoyed every bit of it every day.”

The family is also looking forward to cheering on the Denver Broncos quarterback, 34, as he takes the field with his team this season.
“Game days, Russ is preparing for his game day, to actually be on the field, and the family has this little game-day preparation routine when we’re getting ready to go support him,” she shares. “We have a full-on system, and we’re pretty consistent with it.”

“We always go repping our team colors. It’s all about the orange and blue for us. The classic jerseys are my go-to, but sometimes I like to wear cool custom pieces as well. I like things that are game-day-ready but still fashionable. And I’ve also made some really cute varsity jackets for us all this year, so I’m excited to rock those.”

While it’s been a “summer of sports” for her kids, Ciara says they also have a great appreciation for her work in music.
“My kids love music. Sienna sang me a lullaby to sleep last night, which was so cute. She sang it for Russ over FaceTime while he was getting ready to go into training camp. She loves singing. She and Future both really get into music. Win loves to dance, too. I think all of my kids have a strong appreciation for music. We’ll see where that goes over time, but they definitely appreciate what Mommy does and they get really into it.”

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