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Former SA Doctor found guilty of murdering her three daughters

Lauren Dickason has been found guilty of murdering her three daughters in New Zealand. The woman who is a former South African medical doctor and her family were in Pretoria but have emigrated to New Zealand

In 2021, Lauren Dickason admitted to killing her daughters, two-year-old twins Maya and Karlo, and six-year-old Liane.

According to Sunday World, Lauren pleads not guilty due to insanity.

The children’s bodies were found laying lifeless on their beds by Dickason’s husband when he returned from work. It has been reported that Dickason will remain in the hospital until the court hands down the sentence.

Dickason’s parents Wendy and Malcolm Fawkes, who attended the court proceedings, blamed mental illness for their daughter’s evil deeds.

In other news – Young girl kills herself after consuming poison – VIDEO

A South African girl killed herself by consuming poison. She recorded herself taking yogurt that has been mixed with poisonous content, after which she died. The video has gone viral on social media with people talking against suicide.

As seen in the video, the young lady was crying while consuming the deadly yogurt, hence, people presumed that she was calling for help, but sadly, she passed away. Read More

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