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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrate their first wedding anniversary

Jennifer Lopez commemorated the first anniversary of her Georgian wedding nuptials to Ben Affleck on Instagram Monday. Mrs. Affleck shared two photos from the ceremony that took place at her groom’s estate, near Savannah. The vow exchange was the second for Lopez and Affleck, who said “I do” a month earlier at a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

“One year ago today ūü§ć ‚Ķ” Lopez, 54, captioned the pair of photos. In the first, Affleck, 51, holds his new bride as she stares at him adoringly. In the second, they kiss beneath a night’s sky illuminated by fireworks. Later in the caption, Lopez hints that a “Dear Ben” Part II is coming. Lopez’s upcoming album “This Is Me‚Ķ Now,” which she referenced in her post, is a follow-up to “This Is Me‚Ķ Then,” a 2002 work influenced by her first go-around with Affleck that includes a track titled “Dear Ben.”

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Addressing Affleck, Lopez wrote, “Sitting here alone Looking at my ring ring Feeling overwhelmed It makes me wanna sing sing How did we end up here Without a rewind Oh my This is my life‚Ķ” She concluded the posts with “DearBenPartII #ThisIsMeNow.”

The couple first met as co-stars in the widely-panned 2003 rom-comedy “Gigli,” when Lopez was married to her second husband, dancer Cris Judd. Following Lopez’s divorce, “Bennifer” became a pop culture force. The Hollywood power couple got engaged in 2002, but they split in 2004, blaming the demise of their relationship on all the media attention. The couple reunited in 2021 and were engaged the following year.

JLO and Afleck


While appearing on the “Today” show in May, Lopez‚Äôs mom, Guadalupe Rodr√≠guez, said she predicted the couple would find their way back to each other.

“I knew that you would always get back together because I prayed for 20 years,” Rodr√≠guez said.

In other news – Tori Spelling discharged from hospital

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As Tori was wheeled to the vehicle she was leaving in, she was reportedly unsteady. She was helped by a friend as she got up from the wheelchair and into the vehicle. Her facial expression was a serious one, and the mother of five children also wore a hospital bracelet on on wrist. Read More

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