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Josh Sills finally speaks out after being acquitted of r@pe and kidnapping charges

Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Josh Sills told reporters that he’s “grateful” to be back practicing with the team after being acquitted on charges of rape and kidnapping days prior.

“I’d like to say that I’m very appreciative of my teammates, my coaches, this organization,” Sills, 25, said in a prepared statement delivered after practice on Tuesday, according to NBC Philadelphia. “The process that I went through has not been easy. It’s been very daunting for myself.”

The NFL player said he was “glad” that he and his family have been “able to move on from this” and he’s “able to move on” and “look forward to the future” as he prepares for the upcoming football season. “So, I guess in short, I’m very appreciative of the process that had taken place to clear my name.”
“I have done nothing wrong,” Sills added after the verdict, per CBS. “And I’m glad that was proven today.”

Nearly six months after his indictment on felony charges, Sills was acquitted Friday of raping and kidnapping a former high school classmate. He had been accused of forcibly restraining and sexually assaulting the alleged victim on Dec. 5, 2019, in his hometown of Guernsey County, Ohio.

The weeklong case took place at Guernsey County Court and a verdict was reached by a jury in less than three hours. The athlete faced 11 to 16 years in prison on each of the two felony charges if convicted, according to CourtTV.com.

Sills denied that the allegations against him “changed” him. “I wouldn’t say it’s changed me. Like I just said, I am who I am, and that’s who I’ll always be,” he stated on Tuesday. “That’s how I was raised. That’s how my parents raised me to be. What you see is what you get, and you are who you are.”

When addressing his absence at the 2023 Super Bowl on Feb. 12 (Sills was indicted on the charges on Feb. 1), he said, “It was very tough.”

Amid the legal battle, Sill was also unsure if he’d ever return to the field.
“That’s something that I took day-by-day and more importantly, I had to focus on clearing my name and going through the process that I went through. And I’m glad that throughout that process, I was able to clear my name,” he said after the not guilty verdict. “And like I said, I’m just thankful I’m back here.”

The Philadelphia Eagles confirmed his return in a statement on Aug. 4.

“We are aware that the legal matter involving Josh Sills has been adjudicated and he was found not guilty,” the statement read. “The organization has monitored the situation. The NFL has removed him from the Commissioner’s Exempt List and he will return to the team’s active roster.”

Sills noted that “it felt great” to reunite with his teammates and Coach Nick Sirianni.
“Obviously, we never took the charge lightly, right?” Sirianni told reporters on Sunday night before Tuesday’s open practice at Lincoln Financial Field, per Sports Illustrated. “So, you’re completely aware of that and then he goes on the exempt list. We followed all the protocols there as far as just wanted to let the legal process play itself out. I think just at the end of the day, we let the legal process and the league’s decision to take him off the exempt list make our decision, right?”

He continued: “So, my experience with Josh has been nothing but positive. He’s been a great teammate and done his job and guys love him on this team. My experience with him has been great. We’re happy to have him back.”

Sills was an undrafted rookie from Oklahoma State last spring. He joined the Eagles roster last year.

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