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Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori looks stunning in a see-through bodysuit – Pictures

Kanye West and his new ‘wife’ Bianca Censori seemed a bit spicy during their trip to Florence, Italy. The new power couple didn’t shy away from PDA, while embracing their intimate moments and letting the world see.

In the new images, Bianca is hardly covering up as she clings to Kanye. Her tights (which she’s wearing instead of trousers) are completely see-through, revealing a g-string thong from the back view. The bodysuit itself is backless with very thin straps hardly hanging on. When Bianca turns around, the bodysuit is clear and see-through.

Not only does the top hardly have enough fabric to cover her, but the material itself is also incredibly sheer.


In addition, Bianca is wearing white, pointed-toe heels. They aren’t your standard pair of shoes, either. The about three-inch, stiletto heel jets out at an awkward, uncomfortable angle.

At least Bianca is even wearing shoes. Kanye has been going around Italy barefoot. He is, though, more covered up than his reported wife. He’s wearing what appears to be a velvet sort-of suit. Kanye ditches an undershirt, only wearing a suit jacket. He also accessorizes with a silver chain around his neck.

The pair give the camera clear a scandalous view as they make out in public. Kanye wraps his hands around her waist and Bianca returns the intimacy with her own hands draped on his shoulders.


While they don’t reveal their exact location, their make-out sessions take place outside with a backdrop of a stone building. Kanye’s bare feet are against a tiled sidewalk of some sort.

Fans are certainly confused by this near-public nudity. One commented: “She leaving NOTHING to the imagination.”

Kim Kardashian’s fans were quick to offer criticism. A fan wrote: “Got mad at Kim bc she was naked now your new wife got her titties out in public. Bro so lost but at least he’s a billionaire tho. Praying for Ye, he needs some love around him.”


In the background of one photo is a glimpse into the building. It has a clean, tile floor with one man on his hands and knees, clearly working on some sort of maintenance. A fan in the comments joked: “This photo defines how my [love] life is going, …I’m the guy behind working on my knees.”

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