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Pregnant Serena Williams reveals the sex of her second baby

Serena Williams, 41, is about to be a girl mom times two! The tennis legend took to YouTube to share a stunning video in which she and her husband Alexis Ohanian and their daughter Olympia, 5, discovered the sex of their baby, due to arrive soon.

She admitted she was “very excited” and “a little nervous” as she got ready for the day-to-night celebration in her huge closet. Outside, Alexis fooled his famous wife with a yellow-filled “gender reveal” cake, only to switch things up afterward and present to her a spectacular drone display.


“I’m doing this because I want to troll her and Olympia into thinking that this is the reveal of ‘Jelly Bean,’” he quietly told the camera at the intimate outdoor party, in which the pregnant star wore a black tennis skirt and colorful tank top. “She will cut into this cake and probably be disappointed and hopefully appreciate my troll. But, we’ll see. I don’t know if she’s gonna be a professional about it.

She might see this cake come out, roll her eyes, and say, ‘This guy had one job and he gave me a goddamn cake gender reveal.’ But we’ll see. there’s a reveal after the reveal.” When Serena cut into the yellow cake, she jokingly prepped to smash a slice of cake into his face as he shouted into a mic “What?! What? That doesn’t make sense!”

“We are going to reveal Jelly Bean’s sex,” he promised after copping to the little “prank.” “The way we’re going to do it, though, is with a little style and some spectacular lights.” He then said, “Draw your attention to the heavens” to “find out once and for all” what the sex of their second child is.

Serena Williams

The family sweetly cuddled up as they watched the Sky Element drone display, which slowly came together to reveal that the little family will soon be one girl bigger. Alexis held their little girl, who smiled as she looked up into the sky for clues about her future sibling. The entire family appeared ecstatic as they cheered at the news they’d be having another girl.

Serena announced she is pregnant with her second child with a gorgeous baby bump displayed in a fitted black and white mermaid-style dress at the Met Gala in May.


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