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Robert Downey Jr. reveals he is giving away 6 cars from his personal collection

Robert Downey Jr. is feeling generous. On Tuesday, the Iron Man star, 58, presented a surprise giveaway opportunity to his fans involving his automobile collection.

“In case you haven’t heard yet, I’m giving away some of my cars,” the actor wrote in one of his Instagram Stories. In the photo, Downey Jr. is sitting on one of six classic cars presented in the image.

The eco-modified cars include a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette, a 1966 Buick Riviera, a 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE, a 1972 Chevrolet K10 Pickup, a 1972 VW Bus and a 1985 Chevrolet El Camino.

The Malibu, Calif. native further explained the RDJ Dream Cars opportunity on his next Story: “NO PURCHASE/DONATION REQUIRED & MAKING ONE WILL NOT INCREASE CHANCES OF WINNING.”

The giveaway is open to the USA, UK and Canada, excluding Quebec, to legal residents over 18, the posting notes. The sponsor is listed as the Edward Charles Foundation.

“You can be one of the six winners, each receiving one of these beauties that we converted to drive to a pollution-free future,” a website dedicated to the RDJ Dream Cars drawing states. “Enter for your chance to win one of the RDJ Dream Cars and experience the future of automotive technology.”

Speaking to PEOPLE in June at the premiere of his MAX program of the same name, Downey’s Dream Cars, the congenial talent said that working with his son Exton, 11, and daughter Avri, 8, made it a “blast.”

Though his son has the acting chops and is a “natural extrovert when he wants to be,” Downey Jr. said his wife, Susan Downey, “has raised him not to be a ham.”

“He’s not, like, putting together his audition tapes or anything,” the Marvel star specified of his interest level.

In a trailer for the series, however, Exton pokes some fun at his dad’s car skills.

While the two are eating lunch together, Downey Jr. uses food to quiz him over “a clue you’ll never guess.”

“Biodiesel conversion,” Exton answers, beating his dad to the punch. As the actor then brags about being a “gearhead” and a “grease monkey,” his son turns to the camera and jokes, “Are we sure he’s the right guy to be hosting this show?”

When PEOPLE asked what his dream “car chase” would be, the Oppenheimer actor responded, “The ’66 Buick Riviera, I drove that thing around New York and it was taking the potholes and the things. A big burly formidable vehicle, and because it’s painted that kind of creamsicle peach, it would also throw off whoever was chasing me.”

“And also, it has an acclimate sensor,” he added. “So I would drive into the areas that had the worst pollution, and maybe I could lose them down by South Street [Sea]port or something.” The RDJ Dream Cars drawing, which officially began on June 16, ends on July 16, 2024.

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