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Sixto Rodriguez has died

Sugar Man hitmaker, Sixto Rodriguez dies at 81. The American singer’s sixth child confirmed the passing of the music legend; it was said that he died on Tuesday morning.

Sixto’s hit song, Sugar Man was popular in the streets of South Africa.

“A group of South Africans went on the Great Rodriguez hunt in the 1990s, searching for the mythical superstar, who was rumoured to have died. Upon discovering him alive, he was a struggling musician who had no clue just how famous he was in South Africa. He was then invited to perform in the country in 1998 where he sold out arenas,” Sunday World revealed.

Rodriguez wrote and sang about the hard streets of Detroit in 1970 and was considered by many in the music profession to be a talent on the order of Bob Dylan. His lyrics, set to a heart-stirring rasp of a voice, told about the homeless and the working poor.

In other news – Ralph Stanfield called DJ Sumbody’s killer

DJ Sumbody’s business, Ayepyep Lifestyle; Cape Town is forced to shut down following threats from 28 gang leader Ralph Stanfield.

Ralph’s threat on the business made headlines weeks ago, as it was revealed that Sumbody’s business partner, Kagiso Setsetse opened a case against the gang leader. Read More

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