Woman who went missing confirmed dead

Authorities are sharing new details in the case of Rachel Morin. Three days after the 37-year-old Maryland resident went missing, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to E! News that Rachel’s body has been identified.

The mom of five disappeared Aug. 5 while out on the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail, located in the town of Bel Air. When she didn’t return home, officials said, her boyfriend reported her missing. Soon after, Rachel’s car was found near an entrance to the trail.

The following day, authorities announced that a deceased body was discovered in the area where the mom of five disappeared, though, at the time, they couldn’t formally confirm the person’s identity.

Now, following the confirmation of Rachel’s death, authorities continue to search for a suspect.

“Part of the investigation is going to be tracing back her steps from the last time she was seen to when she arrived at the trailhead, that’s where her car was discovered,” Harford County Sheriff Jeffery Gahler told local outlet WBAL-TV. “We do not have a solid suspect. Not knowing whether this was a targeted event specific to Rachel, we are going to say, yes, be aware, be thinking there could be somebody out here and this is a random event.”

The sheriff’s office also took to its Facebook page to ask the community for help.

“If you were on the Ma & Pa Trail on Saturday, or near the trail or trail heads and took photos or video, we are asking if you would please share them with investigators,” an Aug. 8 post read. “There could be something helpful in one of your photos that might bring us one one more piece of the puzzle.”

Officers went on to thank those who have attempted to aid the case.

“As of this morning, we have already received nearly 90 tips from concerned community members in reference to the murder of Rachel Morin,” the message continued. “Thank you for all the support you have given.”

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