YouTuber MrBeast sues food company for making poor-quality burgers

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is suing Virtual Dining Concepts, the company behind his fast food chain MrBeast Burger.

The YouTuber opened the virtual restaurant in 2020, and claims that the company is affecting his brand and reputation by serving a “revolting” burger. He’s asking a judge to terminate the contract between him and the company.

The lawsuit, filed in New York on Monday, claims: “MrBeast Burger has been regarded as a misleading, poor reflection of the MrBeast brand” along with causing “material, irreparable harm to the MrBeast brand and MrBeast’s reputation.” The lawsuit also mentions that since their partnership started, MrBeast hasn’t received any profit.

His fans have taken to Twitter to review the burger. One said: “Mr. Beast really thought drop-shipping burgers was a good idea,” along with a photo of a burger with practically raw meat inside. Others said: “It wasn’t bad, it just was not what they were selling in the photos.”

One fan who MrBeast responded to, said: “I would like a formal apology, beast burger was not good and I am now sad.” In response to this specific tweet, the 25-year-old Youtuber wrote that “it’s impossible to guarantee the quality of orders with virtual restaurants. Hurts my soul to see orders messed up. Sadly I can’t get out of my deal.”

Virtual restaurants are restaurants that appear on food delivery apps or deliver food on their own and operate out of other business’ kitchens. With over 1,000 “ghost kitchens” worldwide, there’s no set way that MrBeast Burger can provide the same quality of food around the world.

The first brick-and-mortar MrBeast Burger opened in 2022 at the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey. He attended the opening and so did thousands of his fans who queued for hours for a burger and a chance to meet the YouTuber. The first ghost kitchen appeared on November 20, with a million burgers sold in the first three months.

On YouTube, MrBeast is known for videos giving away huge prizes and cash. He’s also the most-subscribed individual creator on YouTube, with over 287 million subscribers and 45 billion views across his channels. His estimated net worth is $110 million.

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