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Al Pacino takes girlfriend to court for full custody of their child

Al Pacino has enlisted the help of a notable Hollywood lawyer to help in his courtroom battle against Noor Alfallah. They’ll be going to court over the custody of their newborn child.

Al and Noor first started dating around April 2022 and their child arrived just this June. However, Al was reportedly ‘surprised’ by the news that they would be having a kid. Now, Noor started going through the process to determine custody and child support details through the court. In response, Al has hired Adam Philip Lipsic.

Adam works at Hersch Mannis in Beverly Hills. Their site states: “Mr. Lipsic has represented a wide range of clients, from famous entertainers and athletes, to corporate and entertainment executives, to stay-at-home parents.”

Adam said, per their website: “Sugarcoating is not the solution. Clients want honesty and integrity, and their privacy safeguarded as much as possible.”

Noor first filed a Petition to Determine Parental Relationship last week, according to RadarOnline. She asked the court to have primary custody of their son, Roman. On the paperwork, she offered to share legal custody of the child, since Al was listed as the father. However, she is looking to maintain physical custody of her son.

A Petition to Determine Parental Relationship is the first step toward securing child support. Legal documents obtained by Blast reveal that he has made a “voluntary declaration of parentage”, confirming that he is the father. Next, they will need to go through the court system and have the decision be made by a judge.

As part of the proposed shared custody, Al would be legally entitled to ‘visitations’. However, Al and Noor are reportedly still dating and are working through custody issues together. That being said, sources also said he isn’t planning on actually marrying her. He’s looking forward to a ‘financial settlement’. As part of that settlement, Noor has requested that Al cover her legal fees.

A representative told RadarOnline: “Al and Noor have successfully worked together and have mutually reached agreements regarding their child, Roman. They are still together.”

This is Al’s fourth child. In a video ahead of his birth, Al said: “It’s very special. It always has been.” The Mirror has contacted Al’s publicist for comment.

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