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Grimes shares name of her and Elon Musk’s baby girl

Just one day after it was reported that an upcoming biography of the Tesla CEO confirms that he and the “Player of Games” singer—who share son X Æ A-12, 3, and daughter Exa Dark Sideræl, 20 months—privately welcomed another baby together, Techno Mechanicus, Grimes is speaking out about their ever-growing family.

Her message also comes days after the names of Elon’s 19-month-old twins with Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis—who were born about a month before Elon and Grimes welcomed their second child together—were revealed.

“Hey, I wud prefer to not breathe any more life into this current press cycle but I want to de-escalate the narrative atm,” she wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sept. 10. “I spoke with Shivon at length finally, which was long overdue. This wasn’t her fault, plz don’t be angry at her! We respect each other a lot and we’re excited to become friends and have the kids grow up together.”

The “Crystal Ball” singer also went on to apologize to biographer Walter Isaacson, who previously shared a photo of Elon and Shivon with their twins. (In a since-deleted Sept. 7 post to X, Grimes wrote that the situation was “utterly ripping my family apart.”)

“I truly apologize for responding to Walter like that,” Grimes, 35, continued. “As u can imagine, that was a very gut level reaction to a thing that has been very hard for me. Communication about the twins wasn’t handled super well in the past, but I now totally understand what happened and totally forgive the situation.

She added, “Women are so often pitted against each other. Speaking with Shivon, it’s very evident she’s an amazing human and we both just want what’s best for our kids.”

The songwriter also reflected on their latest addition, noting that she wishes she could show fans “how cute little Techno is,” adding, “but my priority rn is keeping my babies out of the public eye.”

Shortly after Grimes shared her note, Shivon, 37, confirmed that all was well between the two.

“At the end of the day it all ended up for the best!” she responded. “Thank you for taking the time to really connect and understand each other. So glad we had such a wonderful talk, was insanely overdue. You’re a total badass and I respect you very much as well. I can’t wait for kiddo play date and congrats on baby Tau as well!”

Before welcoming kids with Grimes and Shivon, the Tesla CEO founder, 52, previously welcomed six children, including twins, with ex-wife Justine Musk. Keep reading to find out more about the now dad of 11’s family tree.

Maye was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and emigrated with her parents to Pretoria, South Africa in 1950, when she was 7. She and Elon’s father, Errol, split in 1979.

After Elon moved to Canada at age 17, Maye obtained Canadian citizenship by birthright and moved there too, as did his siblings. There, she established a dietician practice and became President of the Consulting Dieticians of Canada, per Forbes. She also worked as a model.

In 2019, after Elon sold his company Zip2 to Compaq for more than $300 million, he bought his mom an apartment in New York City, where she lived for 13 years and continued her modeling career. She is signed to the IMG Models agency.

“I brought my children up like my parents brought us up when we were young: to be independent, kind, honest, considerate and polite,” Maye wrote in her essay. “I taught them the importance of working hard and doing good things.”

Elon’s father is an engineer and like Elon, was born in South Africa. In the 2015 biography Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, author Ashlee Vance wrote that Elon and his dad had a difficult relationship. In an emotional 2017 Rolling Stone interview, Elon criticized his father and talked about his upbringing, saying that after his parents split, he moved in with his dad, which, he said, “was not a good idea.”

Errol told Rolling Stone, “I love my children and would readily do whatever for them.”

In a 2015 Forbes interview, Elon’s dad said he used to take his kids on trips overseas. “Their mother and I split up when they were quite young and the kids stayed with me,” he said. “I took them all over the world.”

After divorcing Elon’s mother Maye, Errol married Heide, mother of Jana Bezuidenhout, who was 4 years old at the time. Errol and Heidi went on to have two daughters together before they too broke up. In 2017, Errol and Jana had a baby together, son Elliot. They welcomed a second child, a daughter, in 2019.

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