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Toll A$$ Mo reveals he wanted to commit suicide multiple times

Since the first episode of Showmax’s new show “Unfollowed” first premiered with a hotly anticipated Lady Zamar season opener, the show has generated quite a bit of talkability on social media.

The new show looks at what happens to a celebrity who’s been “cancelled” and speaks to various public figures about the effect their respective social media fallouts had on their careers.

The latest episode of the show takes a deep dive into comedian and reality TV star Toll A$$ Mo’s controversial public fallout following the infamous rape allegations that derailed his blossoming career and led to him being effectively exiled from the scene.

In June 2020, actress and model Lerato Moloi claimed on Twitter (now X) that Toll A$$ Mo, whose real name is Mongezi Mahlangu, had raped her back in 2014. While the case has since been dismissed without trial, the damage to his career has been done and the effects are still felt.

In the episode, Toll A$$ Mo opens up to the show’s host Thembekile Mrototo about the impact that the accusation had on his mental health, his family, and his career, as he confronted trial by social media.

“My whole world changed in less than 72 hours… When this tweet happened, my whole world changed in less than 72 hours… Never have I been in the tabloids like, ‘Mo’s cheating on his wife.’ Never! But now the first thing that compromises my integrity, is that. I’m a rapist.”

“That’s the example that I’ve been living but it’s not good enough. What do you guys want? Do you want a divorce special?” Mo went on to add that he “lost my mind” during this ordeal and he’s since struggled to forgive Moloi for the allegations.

“I was admitted into a mental asylum in Glenwood. I lost my mind. I was given shots of morphine and strapped with a body strap to calm me down because I had my world ended. I didn’t know what the hell was going on.”

“I was attacked by feminists left, right and center. Feminists who still can’t apologize to me today…I’ve got post-traumatic stress from being in a room with too many women. I get nervous. I sweat. I feel like I’m gonna be attacked…”

Mo also said that the accusation cost him “millions” and that he “wanted to commit suicide multiple times.”

During the episode, Mo also highlights his new partnership with private investigator Mike Bolhuis in an NGO that’s championing men who claim to have been falsely accused of rape.

“I’m here to teach the next man who was falsely accused of such a thing: how do you stand up? How do you fight for your life? How do you prove your innocence? And how do you stay sane?”

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