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Whitney Port opens up about mental health struggles

Whitney Port, 38, opened up about her weight via her Instagram Story in late July, but she only recently discussed her mental health. The Hills alum took to her podcast, With Whit, on Sept. 5 and revealed that she has been dealing with depression rather than an eating disorder.

Whitney revealed that she visited a “nutritionist/psychiatrist” per her friend Andrea‘s recommendation and discussed what they told her.

The blonde beauty admitted that her pal was “concerned” for her, however, Andrea did not address it with Whitney until her July Instagram Story. “My best friend, Andrea, was concerned about me, but she didn’t say anything until I said something on my social media,” she explained. After the proud mother-of-one shared the social media post regarding her weight, her friend texted her about her concern. “I’ve been worried about you,” Andrea wrote in a text to Whitney.

Later, Whitney attributed “a lot of environmental challenges” that led to her feeling “a little bit depressed.” She shared that her therapist told her she suffers from “neurovegetative depression” which has affected her “eating, energy, motivation,” and more. Whit added that one of her symptoms is “lethargy” which is related to the diagnosis her therapist mentioned. The TV personality clarified that neither she or her therapist believed that Whitney has an eating disorder.

The 38-year-old went on to share with listeners that her visit with the therapist felt “validating” and allowed herself to “trust” her “gut” again. More so, the healthcare professional attributed Whitney’s personal history to adding to her symptoms including: “being on TV at a young age, your dad passing, your aunt committing suicide, dealing with mom’s depression and sadness since dad passing, multiple miscarriages.” One of the symptoms of that type of depression, per her therapist, includes “not necessarily making things a priority when they actually are.”

Towards the middle of the episode, Whit said that she believes her antidepressant medications are “working great,” however, she said that she doesn’t want to “rely” on them for the long-term. She also reassured her listeners and loved-ones that she is “taking control” of her health and doesn’t want people to “worry” about her.

As previously mentioned, Whit took to social media earlier this summer to address some comments she has been receiving online regarding her weight. She mentioned that she decided to take the comments seriously when her husband, Tim Rosenman, brought up his concern for her. “I don’t want to set an unhealthy example so I promised Timmy and I promise you that my health will be a priority,” she penned, in part. She also went further into detail on her weight on the Aug. 29 episode of her podcast.

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