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Fans throw bottles on stage after Young Stunna fails to pitch up for a show in Zimbabwe

South African musician Young Stunna left his Zimbabwean fans disappointed after he failed to pitch up for a show. The Adiwele hitmaker was scheduled to perform at the Shorts and Shades event in Bulawayo over the weekend but did not show up.

Zimbabweans were left disappointed after Young Stunna failed to show up for his performance at the ZITF.

After waiting for hours, for Young Stunna to come on stage and perform, fans grew agitated and disgruntled. Angered by his no-show the crowd decided to throw missiles to the stage.

A local Dj, Nizhe De Soul was forced to cut his set short as disgruntled fans who had awaited Young Stunna started throwing bottles on stage.

In a video shared by Culxure Mag on Twitter, the crowd can be seen throwing bottles on the stage as they expressed their disgruntlement. Apparently, the fast rising Amapiano vocalist, Young Stunna did travel to Zimbabwe for the much anticipated show

However, upon his arrival his crew was denied entry. Apparently, the promoters did not pay clearance for his crew members. After failing to get clearance for crew members, Young Stunna jumped on the next returning flight and went back to South Africa.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Young Stunna has left his fans disappointed in Zimbabwe. Last year in November, he was booked to perform at the similar event Short & Shades Party at the Boundary in Bulawayo. Young Stunnaleft his fans in Zimbabwe feeling short-changed after he walked off stage in a huff after facing a technical glitch.

The Adiwele hitmaker took to the stage at 1 AM and after performing one song, the sound suddenly went off briefly.

A clearly enraged Young Stunna was seen pointing at his colleagues before walking off the stage. Fans were hoping the South African muso would return to the stage after the technical glitch was fixed but he never returned.

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