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Offset opens up on how he talks to his Kids About His Cheating Rumors with Cardi B

Offset is reflecting on a difficult moment in his relationship. While appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast on Wednesday, the rapper, 31, spoke with host Alex Cooper about his relationship with his kids and reminisced about a few past choices.

Cooper asks Offset about how he has managed to get through the difficulties in his marriage with his wife Cardi B, 31.

“Obviously you and Cardi went through things in your marriage and I feel like people online, as we know, they love to stick to a narrative. They love to be like, ‘Once a cheater always a cheater.’ Why do you think so many people are stuck on that and can’t move on?” Cooper asks.

“Because I feel like people dive into the negativity. Also, I feel like there be like a hate train of people that don’t like my wife. And she does everything else to the T, so that’s the only thing you can attack. We all humans but at the end of the day, it does affect home,” he says of the rumors about his relationship with Cardi.

“At the end of the day, we move past s—, get past s—. I was married very young. I was a 26-year-old getting married as a mega superstar,” he says. “I made mistakes, right?”

“It’s like it’s a family thing, and it affects not just one person. It affects the family, so that s— be lame as hell. But we’ve gotten to a point where we’re like, ‘Ok, f— y’all.'”

Offset continued later in the interview, saying how the rumors have affected his kids.

“I got other kids with…I have other kids and I’m not with their mom and it’s like. That s— is hard. Like as they get older, they go to ask questions. Some of the hardest s— I went through was my kids asking me, ‘Why why why why why this and why why why why why.’ That s— hurts you.”

“That’s like another type of hurt where it’s like, ‘Oh s—. The kids saying that s—?’ So I just want to be fair to everybody in the situation and not be selfish bro. Because that’s how that s— be, that s— is selfish,” he says.

Offset shares his daughter Kulture Kiari, 5, and son Wave Set, 2, with Cardi B. He is also a father to sons Jordan, 13, and Kody, 8, and daughter Kalea Marie, 8, from previous relationships.
In May, the Migos rapper attended the premiere of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and brought all three of his sons as his plus-ones. The father of five carried youngest son Wave and posed alongside sons Kody and Jordan.

Offset wore a red leather jacket and leather pants in a nod to Michael Jackson, which the rapper confirmed by posting an image of Jackson on his Instagram story.

His three sons dressed in lookalike black outfits, with the older two donning black jackets and leather pants. All four wore matching black sunglasses.

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