SA women bag partnership with Nigeria’s reality TV show Bae Beyond Borders

A new show called ‘Bae Beyond Borders’ is set to stream on Showmax from October 23. The new reality TV dating show will feature eight weeks of “romance, friendships, make-ups and heart-wrenching breakups”, the streamer shared, with new episodes dropping every Monday.

Showmax also dropped a trailer for the upcoming show, which sees four hopeful South African women looking for a Nigerian man to date (and hopefully marry).

“They say true love knows no bounds, we say true love has no borders omo,” they shared on IG. “#BaeBeyondBorders coming soon to Showmax.”

The reality TV show sees the women have their pick of 12 Nigerian bachelors from different walks of life. Through online speed dating, the women collectively choose eight men who’ve impressed them the most and then travel to Nigeria to meet them face to face.

Of their eight favourites, the women pick one man to take back home with them. They then move into a villa in Cape Town to see if they want to move forward together as a couple. The reality dating show is executive produced by Zinzi Velelo Alake from POP24. Alake is also the producer behind the hit reality show, ‘The Mommy Club’.

Speaking on why she created ‘Bae Beyond Borders’, she explained, “I created this show because I found love beyond borders. I am a South African woman who fell in love with a Nigerian man, and blending our cultures has been life-changing, I found my king.

“The show was also created to unite Africans in love and to shine a light on a different kind of love that people usually do not get to see and I am excited for people to see it.”

The four ladies who will get a shot to find love on the show are Zezethu Mniki, Nande Ramcwana, Malibongwe Gumede and Vuvu Maseti.

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