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Snoop Dogg celebrates his 52nd birthday

On Oct. 20, the Doggfather turns 52 — and in honor of his “birthday month” (as he likes to celebrate), he recently released a limited-edition flavor of his ice cream brand, Dr. Bombay, which is sold at Walmart. The flavor? Birthday Party, of course, which is a yellow cake flavor with candy sprinkles, crushed pretzels and chocolate frosting swirls.

“I kept pulling up to the store and having to get two or three different brands of ice cream at a time, mixing and matching to get the flavors I wanted,” he tells PEOPLE of how he got in on the ice cream brand business. “Someone had to do it right and why not me? I needed a cut of the action! I’m always about my business always.” He adds, “Plus, ice cream is more than just a snack to me. It’s a way to kick back and relax.”

And his secret for looking so good at 52? He says it’s all about having a positive outlook and a loving group of family and friends.

“You gotta treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself,” he says. “Like fine wine, I’m aging better with time. But we really only got a short time here, so making the most of life and trying to be the best version of me every day, by surrounding myself with good people, positive energy and love.”

The rapper says he’s ready to get birthday month started, especially since he just finished up his High School Reunion US Tour, which he co-headlined with Wiz Khalifa, Too $hort, Warren G, and Berner.

“It was amazing. It’s great getting to be on the road with my friends that have accomplished so much in this industry,” he says. “And we got to see people of all ages and backgrounds come through, from grandmas to babies. I think that’s a testament to not only the work I’ve put in, but the love I’ve shown the world. I’ve been able to evolve from generation to generation by being true to who I am.”

He adds that was the way he was raised; “My mom taught me to love everybody from all walks of life so I’ve continued to put that love out into the world.”

As for his favorite flavor of Dr. Bombay?

“They like my kids, you can’t just pick one favorite, but Iced Out Orange Cream is definitely the one I will always eat,” says the father of four. “That’s that vanilla ice cream mixed with orange sherbet and some swirly orange goodness. I also have some tricks up my sleeve for the next round of flavors that might take the top spot.” He adds that his culinary skills don’t just stop at crafting ice cream flavors:

“I can throw down in the kitchen!” he says, “I think folks would be surprised at the range of my chef game.”

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