Spotify and Apple Music down after Taylor Swift’s 1989 rerecord release

Spotify and Apple Music users have been experiencing difficulties getting onto the music streaming platforms following the release of Taylor Swift ‘s 1989 re-record album.

Loyal fans waited up until the early hours around the world to be the first to hear Taylor’s Version of her his album. However many were left disappointed as they were not able to listen as the clock hit the hour due to technical issues.

One fan tweeted: “I’ve defended you for YEARS for you to let me down on 1989 TV release night”. Another added: “Going to listen and seeing it not available was such a let down.. apple music literally do your job?!?!?”

A third commented: “SCREAMS because @AppleMusic has let me down by not letting me listening to #1989TaylorsVersion midnight.” Another added: “Apple Music is finally letting me down … babes I’m 34 and I stayed up until midnight on a work night, please just let me listen to 1989.”

Taylor shared three new photos on social media to mark the release alongside a handwritten message to fans. She wrote: “I was born in 1989, reinvented for the first time in 2014, and a part of me was reclaimed in 2023 with the re-release of this album I love so dearly. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the magic you would sprinkle on my life for so long. This moment is a reflection of the woods we’ve wandered through and all this love between us still glowing in the darkest dark. I present to you, with gratitude and wild wonder, my version of 1989. It’s been waiting for you.”

The message contains several references to songs on the album, including the final line which is a famous line from the opening track Welcome to New York.

The re-recorded album features the same songs from the original version, but just rerecorded and reproduced. But there are also a number of extra new songs which didn’t make the original cut. These vault tracks include Slut!, Say Don’t Go, Now That We Don’t Talk, Suburban Legends, and Is It Over Now?.

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