Tupac Shakur murder suspect case postponed for a second time

Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis, who has been charged with killing rapper Tupac Shakur, appeared shackled in court Thursday before his arraignment was postponed for a second time.

Last month Davis was arrested in connection with the 1996 drive-by killing that resulted in the death of legendary artist Tupac, 27 years after he was killed. A Nevada grand jury indicted him on one count of murder with a deadly weapon and he has been in jail ever since.

This week Davis was seen in Clark County Court wearing a blue jumpsuit and shackles as she sat before judge Tierra Jones.. As he stood to start his hearing his lawyer Ross Goodman announced that he could not confirm that he would continue to represent Davis. The attorney added that he needed two more weeks to decide, which led to Davis’ arraignment being delayed for a second time.

The judge accepted the request but announced if they were not ready by November 2 then she would need to appoint a public defender to represent him. In court, Tierra said: “In two weeks, we’re going to get this case moving.”

The first time Davis’ arraignment was postponed was when he told the judge that this lawyer, who was not represent in the room with him, needed a two-week continuance. Goodman is currently on Davis’ case. He is a famous criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas and comes from a very well-known family as his mother is the current mayor of Las Vegas.

Sources have claimed that Davis allegedly bragged about his involvement in the case before his arrest. He reportedly admitted that he was the person who provided the gun that was used during the drive-by shooting but police were never able connect him to the crime. A source told the US Sun: “He felt that the police were never going to take action against him two decades after the killing,” and claimed that Davis said: “The police ain’t gonna do s**t.”

The former Crip gang member was arrested while walking by his home in Henderson, Nevada in September. A grand jury had reportedly been hearing evidence regarding Davis’ case for months ahead of the arrest. Clark County District Judge Jerry Wiese denied Davis bail.

Davis has previously spoken publicly about his involvement with Tupac’s murder, but never openly stated that he was the one who pulled the trigger and killed him. Davis has talked about the night in detail in numerous interviews and in his memoir Compton Street Legend that was published in 2019.

In the novel, Davis said he was inside the white Cadillac with the shooter during that night in 1996. The car pulled up next to a BMW driven by Marion “Suge” Knight with Tupac in the passenger seat. After a shootout, Tupac was left with multiple gunshot injuries and succumbed to his injuries a week later. The iconic rapper was only 25 years old at the time of his death.

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