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Things you didn’t know about Nomzamo and Wendy Mbatha

Nomzamo and Wendy Mbatha have a special relationship that isn’t defined by any social media algorithms. 2023 has been a long and trying year on work and relationship fronts for both the ‘Shaka Ilembe’ actress and human rights activist Nomzamo and her entrepreneur sister, Wendy.

On episode two of the popular festive season special, ‘Festive Get-Together in The Life Artois,’ the sisters explore insights and emotional moments as friends and sisters.

“I always say I’m proud of her, at all times whenever I have to speak about Nomzamo,” Wendy told IOL Entertainment. I don’t look at her differently in any way just because she is famous because when we are at home, she is Zamo. She has never changed, she doesn’t have that thing she’s big, she’s my sister that’s seven years younger than me.”

Nomzamo and Wendy Mbatha2

Wendy explained that during their KZN upbringing, as siblings they were all treated equally and fame hasn’t changed that. When it comes to how Wendy deals with the public who just want to view her as ‘Nomzamo Mbatha’s sister’, she’s had to learn how to educate those who try to undermine who she is as a person.

“There’s nothing wrong with someone saying I’m Nomzamo’s sister, I’m proud of being her sister but when you identify that to try and reduce me, then it’s a problem.”

The entrepreneur runs NCC SkinCare Products, Perfect Crown (hair retailer), and her fashion store, and admits the journey has been challenging and good.

“There have been ups and downs, especially when it comes to social media. Whenever someone would be negative about; be it my products, maybe about me, I would clap back full force.

Nomzamo and Wendy Mbatha2

“In the long run, I said I’m kind of a brand now. I need to step back, when someone says something negative, let me look into it, especially when it’s a real account.”

The sisters have a solid relationship and are aware of what is real to them and not, with Nomzamo admitting that even in with her busy schedule, she tries to make sure that she is a reachable sibling.

“I support my sister’s business in many ways that people don’t know, and don’t need to know,” said Nomzamo who has shown her sister support throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

Nomzamo this year showed her star power with ‘Shaka iLembe’ not only as an actress but as an executive producer. She added that she is in a good space and had a beautiful year but admits it is challenged because of the pressure she puts on herself.

Nomzamo and Wendy Mbatha2

“It’s only now that I feel that I am waking up to it and I am being more present. I think for a very long time I’ve been in the building stage and also fighting imposter syndrome and now I don’t get to fight imposter syndrome because I know I have skin in the game.

“I know that I’ve earned my place in certain rooms and stages. I just continue to build on that. There is more pressure now than before. The goal posts have shifted and there is pressure of how to top everything I have done, but I’m excited.

“I’m doing a lot of speaking engagements right now in spaces that I’m proud of myself for being invited to because it means people care about the stuff I have to say.”

With season two of ‘Shaka iLembe’ on the cards, Mzansi and the world will be certainly seeing more of Nomzamo on screens.

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