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Actor Ken Hudson Campbell shares cancer diagnosis as he launches surgery fundraiser

Beloved actor Ken Hudson Campbell, who starred in the Christmas classic Home Alone has started a GoFundMe asking his fans for help, as he revealed his cancer diagnosis. The actor launched the fundraiser as he faces hefty bills for upcoming cancer surgery. The 61-year-old star, who previously played Santa Claus in the hit Christmas film, is asking for fans to lend a helping hand this holiday season as he is set to undergo a 10-hour surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. On Thursday, Ken will need to have a large portion of his jawbone removed to get to the cancerous tumor.

After the invasive surgery, Ken will then need to have reconstruction surgery performed followed by multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy which all add up to a great expense. Ken announced that he was diagnosed with cancer in October of this year after a tumor “elusively grew on the bottom of his mouth and began encroaching on his teeth.”

Throughout Ken’s acting career spanning over 35 years, he has entertained fans for decades landing roles in at least 22 different movies across multiple genres. Some of his most well-known performances outside of Home Alone include his appearances in the hit films Armageddon, Groundhog Day, Down Periscope, Digging to Death, Wonder Park, and many more.

So far, the actor has reeled in $62,000 of his $100,000 going towards his future health expenses and expected 6-month-long recovery period. According to the GoFundMe page, Ken is facing financial hardships after he lost his SAG-AFTRA health insurance in January of last year following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although he joined new health insurance since then, he and his family are facing enormous out-of-pocket costs as he will be spending a week in the hospital and needing a feeding tube, skin grafts, a Tracheotomy, and may need to later go to a nursing home. While physical and speech therapy is covered by his insurance, his family will need to pay for caregivers, skilled nursing, media equipment, and a long list of other health expenses.

In a heartfelt message to Ken’s fans, his family wrote: “We are asking for your help so that Kenny can use the time ahead to return to health and spend more time with family & friends. Every prayer, positive thought, dollar, or gesture of support means the world to our family.”

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